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2021 Florida Statutes (Including 2021B Session)

Rejection of grant applications; penalties for failure to meet application conditions.
F.S. 290.0475
290.0475 Rejection of grant applications; penalties for failure to meet application conditions.Applications are ineligible for funding if any of the following circumstances arise:
(1) The application is not received by the department by the application deadline;
(2) The proposed project does not meet one of the three national objectives as contained in federal and state legislation;
(3) The proposed project is not an eligible activity as contained in the federal legislation;
(4) The application is not consistent with the local government’s comprehensive plan adopted pursuant to s. 163.3184;
(5) The applicant has an open community development block grant, except as provided in 1s. 290.046(2)(b) and (c) and department rules;
(6) The local government is not in compliance with the citizen participation requirements prescribed in ss. 104(a)(1) and (2) and 106(d)(5)(c) of Title I of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974, s. 290.046(4), and department rules; or
(7) Any information provided in the application that affects eligibility or scoring is found to have been misrepresented, and the information is not a mathematical error which may be discovered and corrected by readily computing available numbers or formulas provided in the application.
History.s. 5, ch. 85-223; s. 39, ch. 88-201; s. 5, ch. 90-275; s. 45, ch. 2011-139; s. 14, ch. 2014-218.
1Note.Redesignated as s. 290.046(2)(a)-(c) by s. 5, ch. 2021-25.