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2021 Florida Statutes (Including 2021B Session)

F.S. 374.983
374.983 Governing body.
(1) A governing body of the district is hereby created, and shall be known as and designated as the “Board of Commissioners of the Florida Inland Navigation District,” and shall be composed of 12 members who shall be qualified electors residing in said district, no 2 of whom shall reside in the same county in the district. The governing body shall have all powers of a body corporate, including the power to sue and be sued as a corporation, in its name, and in any court having jurisdiction; to make contracts; to adopt and use a common seal and to alter the same as deemed expedient; to buy, acquire by gift, exchange, condemnation, or otherwise, sell, own, lease (as lessor or lessee), and convey such real estate and personal property as the board may deem proper to carry out the provisions of this act; to appoint and employ such engineers, attorneys, consultants, and such agents and employees as the board may require; to borrow money and issue negotiable promissory notes, bonds and/or other evidences of indebtedness therefor to enable them to carry out the provisions of this act; and generally to do and perform the things necessary to accomplish the purposes of this act.
(2) The present board of commissioners of the district shall continue to hold office until their respective terms shall expire. Thereafter the members of the board shall continue to be appointed by the Governor for a term of 4 years and until their successors shall be duly appointed. Specifically, commencing on January 10, 1997, the Governor shall appoint the commissioners from Broward, Indian River, Martin, St. Johns, and Volusia Counties and on January 10, 1999, the Governor shall appoint the commissioners from Brevard, Miami-Dade, Duval, Flagler, Palm Beach, and St. Lucie Counties. The Governor shall appoint the commissioner from Nassau County for an initial term that coincides with the period remaining in the current terms of the commissioners from Broward, Indian River, Martin, St. Johns, and Volusia Counties. Thereafter, the commissioner from Nassau County shall be appointed to a 4-year term. Each new appointee must be confirmed by the Senate. Whenever a vacancy occurs among the commissioners, the person appointed to fill such vacancy shall hold office for the unexpired portion of the term of the commissioner whose place he or she is selected to fill. Each commissioner under this act before he or she assumes office shall be required to give a good and sufficient surety bond in the sum of $10,000 payable to the Governor and his or her successors in office, conditioned upon the faithful performance of the duties of his or her office, such bond to be approved by and filed with the board of commissioners of the district. Any and all premiums upon such surety bonds shall be paid by the board of commissioners of such district as a necessary expense of the district.
(3) The officers of the board shall be: one chair, one vice chair, one secretary, and one treasurer; provided, however, that no one person shall be eligible to hold more than one of said offices at one and the same time. The officers shall be elected from the board by the members thereof. Six members of the board of commissioners shall constitute a quorum, and the vote of a majority of such quorum shall be necessary to the transaction of business. Board and committee meetings may be conducted utilizing communications media technology, pursuant to s. 120.54(5)(b)2. The chair shall have the right to vote at all meetings of the board. Special meetings of the board may be called at any time by the chair, with notice thereof to be given to each member of the board.
(4) For the purpose of facilitating the transaction of business of the district, the board is empowered to establish, from time to time, a committee or committees, each to be composed of not less than three nor more than five members of the board, and to delegate to such committee or committees such powers and responsibilities as the board may deem appropriate. Any act, resolution, or transaction of said committee acting within the limitations of the powers and responsibilities delegated to it or them by the board shall have the force and effect as if done by the board.
(5) Members of the district shall serve without compensation, but shall be reimbursed for travel expenses incidental to attendance at board meetings, or the performance of other official duties as a member of the board, as provided by s. 112.061.
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