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2021 Florida Statutes (Including 2021B Session)

F.S. 379.2521
1379.2521 Rulemaking authority with respect to marine life.Marine aquaculture producers shall be regulated by the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission shall adopt rules, by March 1, 2000, to regulate the sale of farmed red drum and spotted sea trout. These rules shall specifically provide for the protection of the wild resource, without restricting a certified aquaculture producer pursuant to s. 597.004 from being able to sell farmed fish. To that extent, these rules must only require that farmed fish be kept separate from wild fish and be fed commercial feed; that farmed fish be placed in sealed containers; that these sealed containers must have the name, address, telephone number and aquaculture certificate number, issued pursuant to s. 597.004, of the farmer clearly and indelibly placed on the container; and that this information must accompany the fish to the ultimate point of sale. Marine aquaculture products produced by a marine aquaculture producer, certified pursuant to s. 597.004, are exempt from Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission resource management rules, with the exception of such rules governing any fish of the genus Centropomus (snook). By July 1, 2000, the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission shall develop procedures to allow persons possessing a valid aquaculture certificate of registration to sell and transport live snook produced in private ponds or private hatcheries as brood stock, to stock private ponds, or for aquarium display consistent with the provisions of rules adopted by the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. 2, 5, ch. 83-134; s. 1, ch. 86-219; s. 2, ch. 86-240; ss. 16, 17, 18, ch. 93-213; ss. 1, 2, 3, ch. 94-247; s. 201, ch. 94-356; s. 11, ch. 96-247; s. 8, ch. 98-203; s. 9, ch. 98-333; s. 40, ch. 99-245; s. 1, ch. 99-390; s. 85, ch. 2008-247.
1Note.Section 11, ch. 89-98, provides that “[a]ny language contained within chapter 370, Florida Statutes, which is subject to being replaced by rules adopted by the Marine Fisheries Commission under section 370.027, Florida Statutes, shall remain in force until the Governor and Cabinet have adopted appropriate rules pursuant to section 370.027, Florida Statutes.” The Marine Fisheries Commission was transferred to the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission by s. 3, ch. 99-245. Material formerly in chapter 370 was transferred to chapter 379 by ch. 2008-247, and s. 370.027 was redesignated as s. 379.2521.
Note.Former s. 370.027.