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The Florida Senate

2021 Florida Statutes (Including 2021B Session)

F.S. 1002.332
1002.332 High-performing charter school system.
(1) For purposes of this section, the term:
(a) “Entity” means a municipality or other public entity that is authorized by law to operate a charter school; a private, nonprofit corporation with tax-exempt status under s. 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; or a private, for-profit education management corporation.
(b) “High-performing charter school system” means an entity that:
1. Operated at least three high-performing charter schools in the state during each of the previous 3 school years;
2. Operated a system of charter schools in which at least 50 percent of the charter schools were high-performing charter schools pursuant to s. 1002.331 and no charter school earned a school grade of “D” or “F” pursuant to s. 1008.34 in any of the previous 3 school years regardless of whether the entity currently operates the charter school, except that:
a. If the entity assumed operation of a public school pursuant to s. 1008.33(4)(b)2. with a school grade of “F,” that school’s grade may not be considered in determining high-performing charter school system status for a period of 3 years.
b. If the entity established a new charter school that served a student population the majority of which resided in a school zone served by a public school that earned a grade of “F” or three consecutive grades of “D” pursuant to s. 1008.34, that charter school’s grade may not be considered in determining high-performing charter school system status if it attained and maintained a school grade that was higher than that of the public school serving that school zone within 3 years after establishment; and
3. Did not receive a financial audit that revealed one or more of the financial emergency conditions set forth in s. 218.503(1) for any charter school assumed or established by the entity in the most recent 3 fiscal years for which such audits are available.
(2)(a) The Commissioner of Education shall verify all charter schools served by an entity and verify that the entity meets the criteria in this section for the previous school year and provide a letter to the entity stating that it is a high-performing charter school system.
1. As part of the commissioner’s verification, the entity shall identify all charter schools in this state which the entity has operated or provided services for the previous 3 years, regardless of whether the entity currently operates or provides services for the charter school. For all such charter schools that the entity no longer operates, the entity shall identify the reasons the entity terminated the operation or services or grounds stated by the charter school’s governing board in terminating the operation or services of the entity.
2. The commissioner shall annually determine whether a high-performing charter school system continues to meet the criteria in this section. A high-performing charter school system shall maintain its high-performing status unless the commissioner determines that the charter school system no longer meets the criteria in this section, at which time the commissioner shall send a letter providing notification of its declassification as a high-performing charter school system.
(b) A high-performing charter school system may replicate its high-performing charter schools in any school district in the state. The applicant must submit an application using the standard application form prepared by the Department of Education which:
1. Contains goals and objectives for improving student learning and a process for measuring student improvement. These goals and objectives must indicate how much academic improvement students are expected to demonstrate each year, how success will be evaluated, and the specific results to be attained through instruction.
2. Contains an annual financial plan for each year requested by the charter for operation of the school for up to 5 years. This plan must contain anticipated fund balances based on revenue projections, a spending plan based on projected revenue and expenses, and a description of controls that will safeguard finances and projected enrollment trends.
3. Discloses the name of each applicant, governing board member, and all proposed education services providers; the name and sponsor of any charter school operated by each applicant, each governing board member, and each proposed education services provider that has closed and the reasons for the closure; and the academic and financial history of such charter schools, which the sponsor shall consider when deciding whether to approve or deny the application.
(c) An application submitted by a high-performing charter school system must state that the application is being submitted pursuant to this section and must include the verification letter provided by the Commissioner of Education pursuant to this subsection. If the sponsor fails to act on the application within 90 days after receipt, the application is deemed approved and the procedure in s. 1002.33(7) applies.
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