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2021 Florida Statutes (Including 2021B Session)

Delayed registration; administrative procedures.
F.S. 382.019
382.019 Delayed registration; administrative procedures.
(1) Registration after 1 year is a delayed registration, and the department may, upon receipt of an application and the fee required under s. 382.0255, and proof of the birth, death, or fetal death as prescribed by this section or rule, register a delayed certificate if the department does not already have a certificate of the birth, death, or fetal death on file.
(2) The department may require such supporting documents to be presented and such proof to be filed as it deems necessary and sufficient to establish the truth of the facts to be recorded by the certificate, and may withhold registering the birth, death, or fetal death certificate until its requirements are met.
(3) Certificates registered under this section are admissible as prima facie evidence of the facts recited therein with like force and effect as other vital records received or admitted in evidence.
(4) A delayed certificate of birth filed under this section shall include a summary statement of the evidence submitted in support of the delayed registration.
(5) A delayed certificate of birth submitted for registration under this section shall be signed before a notarizing official by the registrant if of legal age, or by the parent or guardian of a minor registrant.
(6) A person may not establish more than one birth certificate, and a delayed certificate of birth may not be registered for a deceased person.
(7) A delayed death or fetal death record shall be registered on a certificate of death or fetal death and marked “delayed.”
(8) In addition to the rulemaking authority found at s. 382.003(10), the department may, by rule, provide for the dismissal of an application that is not pursued within 1 year. 2, 3, ch. 13864, 1929; CGL 1936 Supp. 3301(2), (3); ss. 9, 10, ch. 25372, 1949; s. 105, ch. 77-147; s. 240, ch. 81-259; s. 17, ch. 87-387; s. 102, ch. 97-237; s. 20, ch. 99-397.
Note.Consolidation of former ss. 382.19, 382.20.