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2007 Florida Statutes

Section 287.16, Florida Statutes 2007

287.16  Powers and duties of department.--The Department of Management Services shall have the following powers, duties, and responsibilities:

(1)  To obtain the most effective and efficient use of motor vehicles, watercraft, and aircraft for state purposes.

(2)  To establish and operate central facilities for the acquisition, disposal, operation, maintenance, repair, storage, supervision, control, and regulation of all state-owned or state-leased aircraft, watercraft, and motor vehicles and to operate any state facilities for those purposes. Acquisition may be by purchase, lease, loan, or in any other legal manner. The department may contract for the maintenance of motor vehicles.

(3)  In its discretion, to require every state agency to transfer its ownership, custody, and control of every aircraft and motor vehicle, and associated maintenance facilities and equipment, except those used principally for law enforcement, state fire marshal, or fire control purposes, to the Department of Management Services, including all right, title, interest, and equity therein.

(4)  Upon requisition and showing of need, to assign suitable aircraft or motor vehicles, on a temporary (for a period up to and including 1 month) or permanent (for a period from 1 month up to and including 1 full year) basis, to any state agency.

(5)  To allocate and charge fees to the state agencies to which aircraft or motor vehicles are furnished, based upon any reasonable criteria.

(6)  To adopt and enforce rules and regulations for the efficient and safe use, operation, maintenance, repair, disposal, and replacement of all state-owned or state-leased aircraft, watercraft, and motor vehicles and to require the placement of appropriate stickers, decals, or other markings upon them. The department may delegate to the respective heads of the agencies to which aircraft, watercraft, and motor vehicles are assigned the duty of enforcing the rules and regulations adopted by the department.

(7)  To contract for specialized maintenance services.

(8)  To require any state agency to keep records and make reports regarding aircraft and motor vehicles to the department as may be required. The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles shall use a reporting system approved by the department.

(9)  To establish and operate central facilities to determine the mode of transportation to be used by state employees traveling on official state business and to schedule and coordinate use of state-owned or state-leased aircraft and passenger-carrying vehicles to assure maximum utilization of state aircraft, motor vehicles, and employee time by assuring that employees travel by the most practical and economical mode of travel. The department shall consider the number of employees making the trip to the same location, the most efficient and economical means of travel considering the time of the employee, transportation cost and subsistence required, the urgency of the trip, and the nature and purpose of the trip.

(10)  To provide the Legislature annual reports at the end of each calendar year concerning the utilization of all aircraft in the executive pool.

(11)  To calculate biennially the break-even mileage at which it becomes cost-effective for the state to provide assigned motor vehicles to employees. The Support Program shall provide the information to agency heads and agency inspectors general to assist them in meeting the reporting requirements of s. 20.055

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