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2012 Florida Statutes

F.S. 101.5605
101.5605 Examination and approval of equipment.
(1) The Department of State shall publicly examine all makes of electronic or electromechanical voting systems submitted to it and determine whether the systems comply with the requirements of s. 101.5606.
(2)(a) Any person owning or interested in an electronic or electromechanical voting system may submit it to the Department of State for examination. The vote counting segment shall be certified after a satisfactory evaluation testing has been performed according to the standards adopted under s. 101.015(1). This testing shall include, but is not limited to, testing of all software required for the voting system’s operation; the ballot reader; the rote processor, especially in its logic and memory components; the digital printer; the fail-safe operations; the counting center environmental requirements; and the equipment reliability estimate. For the purpose of assisting in examining the system, the department shall employ or contract for services of at least one individual who is expert in one or more fields of data processing, mechanical engineering, and public administration and shall require from the individual a written report of his or her examination.
(b) The person submitting a system for approval or the board of county commissioners of any county seeking approval of a given system shall reimburse the Department of State in an amount equal to the actual costs incurred by the department in examining the system. Such reimbursement shall be made whether or not the system is approved by the department.
(c) Neither the Secretary of State nor any examiner shall have any pecuniary interest in any voting equipment.
(d) The Department of State shall approve or disapprove any voting system submitted to it within 90 days after the date of its initial submission.
(3)(a) Within 30 days after completing the examination and upon approval of any electronic or electromechanical voting system, the Department of State shall make and maintain a report on the system, together with a written or printed description and drawings and photographs clearly identifying the system and the operation thereof. As soon as practicable after such filing, the department shall send a notice of certification and, upon request, a copy of the report to the governing bodies of the respective counties of the state. Any voting system that does not receive the approval of the department shall not be adopted for or used at any election.
(b) After a voting system has been approved by the Department of State, any change or improvement in the system is required to be approved by the department prior to the adoption of such change or improvement by any county. If any such change or improvement does not comply with the requirements of this act, the department shall suspend all sales of the equipment or system in the state until the equipment or system complies with the requirements of this act.
(4) The Department of State may at any time reexamine any system, or any part thereof, which has previously been approved for the purpose of updating the certification of the system.
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