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2018 Florida Statutes

Referrals to or from recovery residences; prohibitions; penalties.
F.S. 397.4873
397.4873 Referrals to or from recovery residences; prohibitions; penalties.
(1) A service provider licensed under this part may not make a referral of a prospective, current, or discharged patient to, or accept a referral of such a patient from, a recovery residence unless the recovery residence holds a valid certificate of compliance as provided in s. 397.487 and is actively managed by a certified recovery residence administrator as provided in s. 397.4871.
(2) Subsection (1) does not apply to:
(a) A licensed service provider under contract with a managing entity as defined in s. 394.9082.
(b) Referrals by a recovery residence to a licensed service provider when the recovery residence or its owners, directors, operators, or employees do not benefit, directly or indirectly, from the referral.
(c) Referrals made before July 1, 2018, by a licensed service provider to that licensed service provider’s wholly owned subsidiary.
(3) For purposes of this section, a licensed service provider or recovery residence shall be considered to have made a referral if the provider or recovery residence has informed a patient by any means about the name, address, or other details of a recovery residence or licensed service provider, or informed a licensed service provider or a recovery residence of any identifying details about a patient.
(4) A licensed service provider shall maintain records of referrals to or from recovery residences as may be prescribed by the department in rule.
(5) After June 30, 2019, a licensed service provider violating this section shall be subject to an administrative fine of $1,000 per occurrence. Repeat violations of this section may subject a provider to license suspension or revocation pursuant to s. 397.415.
(6) Nothing in this section requires a licensed service provider to refer a patient to or to accept a referral of a patient from a recovery residence.
History.s. 15, ch. 2017-173.