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The Florida Senate

Senator Stewart, District 13 — Press Release


July 2, 2020

CONTACT: Travis Flinn, 407-893-2422
, 407-893-2422

Senator Linda Stewart Calls for Statewide Mask Mandate

ORLANDO – Concerned over the rapidly growing number of confirmed COVID-19 cases, Senator Linda Stewart (D-Orlando) on Thursday called for the Governor to issue a mandatory mask policy throughout the state.


“It’s not enough,” said Stewart. “We are seeing major increases in positive cases reported each day across the state, confirming there is dangerous community spread that must be addressed. Due to lax restrictions on enforcing social distancing and no cohesive policy on mandatory masks, we are all but guaranteed to continue to see increases in confirmed cases, including in those who may be out and about but not yet tested.”


This call comes amid some states beginning to slow or reverse their reopening plans, while others require isolation of travelers coming from the state of Florida.


“Other Governors are beginning to see the danger in a quick reopening, and that a laissez-faire policy approach of distancing and mask requirements, enforced by social obligation, is just not enough. Not only are they seeing the danger in their own states, but also our reckless and fragmented handling of safety here in Florida,” said Stewart. “Meanwhile, instead of taking steps to reduce transmission, Governor DeSantis tries to distract from the facts by playing a blame game, accusing various age groups for the spike in new cases.”


In Orange County there is currently a mandatory face covering order. The county is also providing testing at eighteen sites, both brick-and-mortar and mobile.


“We have fallen into a false sense of security and Floridians are paying the price with their lives. We are putting more people in hospitals and if we have plenty of beds, well then that’s great, so why is the state policy to guarantee hospitalization in lieu of implementing orders to control the spread of infection?”