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The Florida Senate

Senator Taddeo, District 40 — Press Release


April 14, 2022

CONTACT: Veronica Sandoval, 17868779565

Senator Taddeo’s Statement On Governor DeSantis Signing HB 5, Video Included

Miami —

Senator Taddeo offered the following statement to Governor Ron DeSantis’ signing of House Bill 5, a 15-week ban on women’s access to reproductive care. Senator Taddeo offered multiple amendments to the bill which would have mitigated some of the harm but they were not accepted. See video here.

Senator Annette Taddeo issued the following statement: “We are less free today than before the session started. As Latin American countries like Colombia are moving forward and expanding access to healthcare, we’re moving backward in Florida. Governor DeSantis has just signed into law an extreme bill that was made even crueler by the rejections to provide exemptions for victims of rape, human trafficking, and incest. The government has no business making decisions that should be made by a woman in consultation with their doctor and their family. The conservative values of freedom and limited government that the Governor claims to fight for, have gone right out the window when it comes to a woman’s choice about her own body.  Our state is worse off for it.”