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2004 Florida Statutes

Duties of the Division of Elections.
Section 106.22, Florida Statutes 2004

106.22  Duties of the Division of Elections.--It is the duty of the Division of Elections to:

(1)  Prescribe forms for statements and other information required to be filed by this chapter. Such forms shall be furnished by the Department of State or office of the supervisor of elections to persons required to file such statements and information with such agency.

(2)  Prepare and publish manuals or brochures setting forth recommended uniform methods of bookkeeping and reporting, and including appropriate portions of the election code, for use by persons required by this chapter to file statements.

(3)  Develop a filing, coding, and cross-indexing system consonant with the purposes of this chapter.

(4)  Preserve statements and other information required to be filed with the division pursuant to this chapter for a period of 10 years from date of receipt.

(5)  Prepare and publish such reports as it may deem appropriate.

(6)  Make, from time to time, audits and field investigations with respect to reports and statements filed under the provisions of this chapter and with respect to alleged failures to file any report or statement required under the provisions of this chapter. The division shall conduct a postelection audit of the campaign accounts of all candidates receiving contributions from the 1Election Campaign Financing Trust Fund.

(7)  Report to the Florida Elections Commission any failure to file a report or information required by this chapter or any apparent violation of this chapter.

(8)  Employ such personnel or contract for such services as are necessary to adequately carry out the intent of this chapter.

(9)  Prescribe rules and regulations to carry out the provisions of this chapter. Such rules shall be prescribed pursuant to chapter 120.

(10)  Make an annual report to the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives concerning activities of the division and recommending improvements in the election code.

(11)  Conduct preliminary investigations into any irregularities or fraud involving voter registration or voting and report its findings to the state attorney for the judicial circuit in which the alleged violation occurred for prosecution, where warranted. The Department of State may prescribe by rule requirements for filing a complaint of voter fraud and for investigating any such complaint.

(12)  Conduct random audits with respect to reports and statements filed under this chapter and with respect to alleged failure to file any reports and statements required under this chapter.

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1Note.--The trust fund expired, effective November 4, 1996, by operation of s. 19(f), Art. III of the State Constitution.