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2004 Florida Statutes

Section 322.08, Florida Statutes 2004

322.08  Application for license.--

(1)  Each application for a driver's license shall be made in a format designated by the department and sworn to or affirmed by the applicant as to the truth of the statements made in the application.

(2)  Each such application shall include the following information regarding the applicant:

(a)  Full name (first, middle or maiden, and last), gender, social security card number, county of residence and mailing address, country of birth, and a brief description.

(b)  Proof of birth date satisfactory to the department.

(c)  Proof of identity satisfactory to the department. Such proof must include one of the following documents issued to the applicant:

1.  A driver's license record or identification card record from another jurisdiction that required the applicant to submit a document for identification which is substantially similar to a document required under subparagraph 2., subparagraph 3., subparagraph 4., subparagraph 5., or subparagraph 6.;

2.  A certified copy of a United States birth certificate;

3.  A valid United States passport;

4.  An alien registration receipt card (green card);

5.  An employment authorization card issued by the United States Department of Homeland Security; or

6.  Proof of nonimmigrant classification provided by the United States Department of Homeland Security.

(d)  Whether the applicant has previously been licensed to drive, and, if so, when and by what state, and whether any such license or driving privilege has ever been disqualified, revoked, or suspended, or whether an application has ever been refused, and, if so, the date of and reason for such disqualification, suspension, revocation, or refusal.

(e)  Each such application may include fingerprints and other unique biometric means of identity.

(3)  Each such application shall include a consent to release driving record information, entitling the department to request, receive, and exchange such information with other jurisdictions.

(4)  In addition to the requirements of subsections (1), (2), and (3), each application for a commercial driver's license shall include a certification as to whether the applicant is required by federal or state law to undergo biennial physical examinations and other certifications required by the department.

(5)  The department may not issue a driver's license to a person who has never been issued a driver's license in any jurisdiction until he or she successfully completes the traffic law and substance abuse education course prescribed in s. 322.095

(6)  The application form for a driver's license or duplicate thereof shall include language permitting the following:

(a)  A voluntary contribution of $5 per applicant, which contribution shall be transferred into the 1Election Campaign Financing Trust Fund.

(b)  A voluntary contribution of $1 per applicant, which contribution shall be deposited into the Florida Organ and Tissue Donor Education and Procurement Trust Fund for organ and tissue donor education and for maintaining the organ and tissue donor registry.

(c)  A voluntary contribution of $1 per applicant, which contribution shall be distributed to the Florida Council of the Blind.

(d)  A voluntary contribution of $2 per applicant, which shall be distributed to the Hearing Research Institute, Incorporated, for the purpose of infant hearing screening in Florida.

(e)  A voluntary contribution of $1 per applicant, which shall be distributed to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation International.

A statement providing an explanation of the purpose of the trust funds shall also be included. For the purpose of applying the service charge provided in s. 215.20, contributions received under paragraphs (c), (d), and (e) and under s. 322.18(9)(a) are not income of a revenue nature.

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1Note.--The trust fund expired, effective November 4, 1996, by operation of s. 19(f), Art. III of the State Constitution.