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2004 Florida Statutes

Section 339.55, Florida Statutes 2004

1339.55  State-funded infrastructure bank.--

(1)  There is created within the Department of Transportation a state-funded infrastructure bank for the purpose of providing loans and credit enhancements to government units and private entities for use in constructing and improving transportation facilities.

(2)  The bank may lend capital costs or provide credit enhancements for a transportation facility project that is on the State Highway System or that provides for increased mobility on the state's transportation system or provides intermodal connectivity with airports, seaports, rail facilities, and other transportation terminals, pursuant to s. 341.053, for the movement of people and goods. Loans from the bank may be subordinated to senior project debt that has an investment grade rating of "BBB" or higher.

(3)  Loans from the bank may bear interest at or below market interest rates, as determined by the department. Repayment of any loan from the bank shall commence not later than 5 years after the project has been completed or, in the case of a highway project, the facility has opened to traffic, whichever is later, and shall be repaid in no more than 30 years.

(4)  Except as provided in 2s. 339.137, to be eligible for consideration, projects must be consistent, to the maximum extent feasible, with local metropolitan planning organization plans and local government comprehensive plans and must provide a dedicated repayment source to ensure the loan is repaid to the bank.

(5)  The department may consider, but is not limited to, the following criteria for evaluation of projects for assistance from the bank:

(a)  The credit worthiness of the project.

(b)  A demonstration that the project will encourage, enhance, or create economic benefits.

(c)  The likelihood that assistance would enable the project to proceed at an earlier date than would otherwise be possible.

(d)  The extent to which assistance would foster innovative public-private partnerships and attract private debt or equity investment.

(e)  The extent to which the project would use new technologies, including intelligent transportation systems, that would enhance the efficient operation of the project.

(f)  The extent to which the project would maintain or protect the environment.

(g)  A demonstration that the project includes transportation benefits for improving intermodalism, cargo and freight movement, and safety.

(h)  The amount of the proposed assistance as a percentage of the overall project costs with emphasis on local and private participation.

(i)  The extent to which the project will provide for connectivity between the State Highway System and airports, seaports, rail facilities, and other transportation terminals and intermodal options pursuant to s. 341.053 for the increased accessibility and movement of people and goods.

(6)  Loan assistance provided by the bank shall be included in the department's work program developed in accordance with s. 339.135

(7)  The department is authorized to adopt rules to implement the state-funded infrastructure bank.

History.--s. 16, ch. 2000-257; s. 84, ch. 2002-20.

1Note.--Section 22, ch. 2000-257, provides that "[n]otwithstanding any other law to the contrary the requirements of sections 206.46(3) and 206.606(2), Florida Statutes, shall not apply to any funding, programs, or other provisions contained in this act."

2Note.--Repealed by s. 10, ch. 2004-366.