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The Florida Senate

2004 Florida Statutes

Section 501.603, Florida Statutes 2004

501.603  Definitions.--As used in this part, unless the context otherwise requires, the term:

(1)  "Commercial telephone solicitation" means:

(a)  An unsolicited telephone call to a person initiated by a commercial telephone seller or salesperson, or an automated dialing machine used in accordance with the provisions of s. 501.059(7) for the purpose of inducing the person to purchase or invest in consumer goods or services;

(b)  Other communication with a person where:

1.  A gift, award, or prize is offered; or

2.  A telephone call response is invited; and

3.  The salesperson intends to complete a sale or enter into an agreement to purchase during the course of the telephone call; or

(c)  Other communication with a person which represents a price, quality, or availability of consumer goods or services and which invites a response by telephone or which is followed by a call to the person by a salesperson.

For purposes of this section, "other communication" means a written or oral notification or advertisement transmitted through any means. Also, for purposes of this section, "invites a response by telephone" does not mean the mere listing or including of a telephone number in a notification or advertisement.

(2)  "Commercial telephone seller" means any person who engages in commercial telephone solicitation on his or her own behalf or through salespersons, except that a commercial telephone seller does not include any of the persons or entities exempted from this part by s. 501.604 A commercial telephone seller does not include a salesperson as defined in subsection (10). A commercial telephone seller includes, but is not limited to, owners, operators, officers, directors, partners, or other individuals engaged in the management activities of a business entity pursuant to this part.

(3)  "Consumer goods or services" means any real property or any tangible or intangible personal property which is normally used for personal, family, or household purposes or any property of any nature which is solicited for the purpose of providing a profit or investment opportunity, including, without limitation, any such property intended to be attached to or installed in any real property, without regard to whether it is so attached or installed, as well as timeshare estates and licenses, and any services related to such property.

(4)  "Department" means the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

(5)  "Enforcing authority" means the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services or the office of the state attorney if a violation of this part occurs in or affects the judicial circuit under the jurisdiction of the office of the state attorney.

(6)  "Gift, award, or prize" means a gratuity which the purchaser believes to be of value.

(7)  "Individual" means a single human being and does not mean a firm, association of individuals, corporation, partnership, joint venture, sole proprietorship, or any other entity.

(8)  "Person" includes any individual, group of individuals, firm, association, corporation, partnership, joint venture, sole proprietorship, or any other business entity.

(9)  "Purchaser" means a person who is solicited to become or does become obligated to a commercial telephone seller.

(10)  "Salesperson" means any individual employed, appointed, or authorized by a commercial telephone seller, regardless of whether the commercial telephone seller refers to the individual as an agent, representative, or independent contractor, who attempts to solicit or solicits a sale on behalf of the commercial telephone seller. A salesperson, however, does not include individuals exempted from this part by s. 501.604 or employees or agents of persons exempted from this part by s. 501.604, or companies and individuals under contract with persons exempted from this part by s. 501.604 when liability is assumed by the exempt entity.

(11)  "Solicit" means to initiate contact with a purchaser for the purpose of attempting to sell consumer goods or services, where such purchaser has expressed no previous interest in purchasing, investing in, or obtaining information regarding the property, goods, or services attempted to be sold.

History.--ss. 1, 2, ch. 91-237; s. 4, ch. 91-429; s. 2, ch. 92-186; s. 1, ch. 96-252; s. 1159, ch. 97-103.