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2004 Florida Statutes

Section 620.136, Florida Statutes 2004

620.136  Liability for contribution.--

(1)  A promise by a limited partner to contribute to the limited partnership is not enforceable unless it is set out in a writing signed by the limited partner.

(2)  Except as provided in the partnership agreement, a partner is obligated to the limited partnership to perform any enforceable promise to contribute cash or property or to perform services, even if the partner is unable to perform because of his or her death or disability or any other reason. If a partner does not make the required contribution of property or services, he or she is obligated, at the option of the limited partnership, to contribute cash equal to that portion of the value, as stated in the partnership records required to be kept pursuant to s. 620.106, of the stated contribution that has not been made.

(3)  Unless otherwise provided in the partnership agreement, the obligation of a partner to make a contribution or return money or other property paid or distributed in violation of this act may be compromised only by consent of all the partners. Notwithstanding the compromise, a creditor of a limited partnership who extends credit or otherwise acts in reliance on that obligation, after the partner has signed a writing that indicates the obligation and before the amendment or cancellation of the writing to indicate the compromise, may enforce the original obligation.

(4)  A partnership agreement may provide that the interest of any partner who fails to make any contribution that he or she is obligated to make shall be subject to specified penalties for, or specified consequences of, such failure. Such penalty or consequence may take the form of reducing the defaulting partner's proportionate interest in the limited partnership, subordinating his or her partnership interests to that of nondefaulting partners, a forced sale of his or her partnership interest, the forfeiture of his or her partnership interest, the lending by other partners of the amount necessary to meet his or her commitment, a fixing of the value of his or her partnership interest by appraisal or by formula and redemption or sale of his or her partnership interest at such value, or other penalty or consequence.

History.--s. 30, ch. 86-263; s. 124, ch. 97-102.