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2005 Florida Statutes

Section 538.03, Florida Statutes 2005

538.03  Definitions; applicability.--

(1)  As used in this part, the term:

(a)  "Secondhand dealer" means any person, corporation, or other business organization or entity which is not a secondary metals recycler subject to part II and which is engaged in the business of purchasing, consigning, or pawning secondhand goods. However, secondhand dealers are not limited to dealing only in items defined as secondhand goods in paragraph (g). Except as provided in subsection (2), the term means pawnbrokers, jewelers, precious metals dealers, garage sale operators, secondhand stores, and consignment shops.

(b)  "Precious metals dealer" means a secondhand dealer who normally or regularly engages in the business of buying used precious metals for resale. The term does not include those persons involved in the bulk sale of precious metals from one secondhand or precious metals dealer to another.

(c)  "Pawnbroker" means any person, corporation, or other business organization or entity which is regularly engaged in the business of making pawns but does not include a financial institution as defined in s. 655.005 or any person who regularly loans money or any other thing of value on stocks, bonds, or other securities.

(d)  "Pawn" means either of the following transactions:

1.  Loan of money.--A written or oral bailment of personal property as security for an engagement or debt, redeemable on certain terms and with the implied power of sale on default.

2.  Buy-sell agreement.--An agreement whereby a purchaser agrees to hold property for a specified period of time to allow the seller the exclusive right to repurchase the property. A buy-sell agreement is not a loan of money.

(e)  "Secondhand store" means the place or premises at which a secondhand dealer is registered to conduct business as a secondhand dealer, or conducts business, including pawn shops.

(f)  "Consignment shop" means a shop engaging in the business of accepting for sale, on consignment, secondhand goods which, having once been used or transferred from the manufacturer to the dealer, are then received into the possession of a third party.

(g)  "Secondhand goods" means personal property previously owned or used, which is not regulated metals property regulated under part II and which is purchased, consigned, or pawned as used property. Such secondhand goods shall be limited to watches; diamonds, gems, and other precious stones; fishing rods, reels, and tackle; audio and video electronic equipment, including television sets, compact disc players, radios, amplifiers, receivers, turntables, tape recorders; video tape recorders; speakers and citizens' band radios; computer equipment; radar detectors; depth finders; trolling motors; outboard motors; sterling silver flatware and serving pieces; photographic equipment, including cameras, video and film cameras, lenses, electronic flashes, tripods, and developing equipment; microwave ovens; animal fur coats; marine equipment; video games and cartridges; power lawn and landscape equipment; office equipment such as copiers, fax machines, and postage machines but excluding furniture; sports equipment; golf clubs; weapons, including knives, swords, and air guns; telephones, including cellular and portable; firearms; tools; calculators; musical instruments, excluding pianos and organs; lawnmowers; bicycles; typewriters; motor vehicles; gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals excluding coins; and jewelry, excluding costume jewelry.

(h)  "Transaction" means any purchase, consignment, or pawn of secondhand goods by a secondhand dealer.

(i)  "Precious metals" means any item containing any gold, silver, or platinum, or any combination thereof, excluding:

1.  Any chemical or any automotive, photographic, electrical, medical, or dental materials or electronic parts.

2.  Any coin with an intrinsic value less than its numismatic value.

3.  Any gold bullion coin.

4.  Any gold, silver, or platinum bullion that has been assayed and is properly marked as to its weight and fineness.

5.  Any coin which is mounted in a jewelry setting.

(j)  "Department" means the Department of Revenue.

(k)  "Pledge" means pawn or buy-sell agreement.

(2)  This chapter does not apply to:

(a)  Any secondhand goods transaction involving an organization or entity registered with the state as a nonprofit, religious, or charitable organization or any school-sponsored association or organization other than a secondary metals recycler subject to the provisions of part II.

(b)  A law enforcement officer acting in an official capacity.

(c)  A trustee in bankruptcy, executor, administrator, or receiver who has presented proof of such status to the secondhand dealer.

(d)  Any public official acting under judicial process or authority who has presented proof of such status to the secondhand dealer.

(e)  A sale on the execution, or by virtue of any process issued by a court, if proof thereof has been presented to the secondhand dealer.

(f)  Any garage sale operator who holds garage sales less than 10 weekends per year.

(g)  Any person at antique, coin, or collectible shows or sales.

(h)  Any person who sells household personal property as an agent for the property owner or their representative pursuant to a written agreement at that person's residence.

(i)  The purchase, consignment, or pawn of secondhand goods from one secondhand dealer to another secondhand dealer when the selling secondhand dealer has complied with the requirements of this chapter.

(j)  Any person accepting a secondhand good as a trade-in for a similar item of greater value.

(k)  Any person purchasing, consigning, or pawning secondhand goods at a flea market regardless of whether at a temporary or permanent business location at the flea market.

(l)  Any auction business as defined in s. 468.382(1).

(m)  Any business that is registered with the Department of Revenue for sales tax purposes as an antique dealer pursuant to chapter 212 and that purchases secondhand goods from the property owner or her or his representative at the property owner's residence pursuant to a written agreement that states the name, address, and telephone number of the property owner and the type of property purchased.

(n)  Any person purchasing, consigning, or pawning secondhand goods ordered by mail, computer-assisted shopping, media-assisted, media-facilitated, or media-solicited shopping or shopping by other means of media communication, including, but not limited to, direct mail advertising, unsolicited distribution of catalogs, television, radio, or other electronic media, telephone, magazine, or newspaper advertising, so long as such person is in this state at the time of the order.

(o)  A motor vehicle dealer as defined in s. 320.27

(3)  This part does not apply to secondary metals recyclers regulated under part II, except for s. 538.11, which applies to both secondhand dealers and secondary metals recyclers.

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