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2007 Florida Statutes

Special absentee ballot instructions for certain first-time voters.
Section 101.6923, Florida Statutes 2007

101.6923  Special absentee ballot instructions for certain first-time voters.--

(1)  The provisions of this section apply to voters who are subject to the provisions of s. 97.0535 and who have not provided the identification or information required by s. 97.0535 by the time the absentee ballot is mailed.

(2)  A voter covered by this section shall be provided with printed instructions with his or her absentee ballot in substantially the following form:


1.  In order to ensure that your absentee ballot will be counted, it should be completed and returned as soon as possible so that it can reach the supervisor of elections of the county in which your precinct is located no later than 7 p.m. on the date of the election.

2.  Mark your ballot in secret as instructed on the ballot. You must mark your own ballot unless you are unable to do so because of blindness, disability, or inability to read or write.

3.  Mark only the number of candidates or issue choices for a race as indicated on the ballot. If you are allowed to "Vote for One" candidate and you vote for more than one, your vote in that race will not be counted.

4.  Place your marked ballot in the enclosed secrecy envelope and seal the envelope.

5.  Insert the secrecy envelope into the enclosed envelope bearing the Voter's Certificate. Seal the envelope and completely fill out the Voter's Certificate on the back of the envelope.

a.  You must sign your name on the line above (Voter's Signature).

b.  If you are an overseas voter, you must include the date you signed the Voter's Certificate on the line above (Date) or your ballot may not be counted.

6.  Unless you meet one of the exemptions in Item 7., you must make a copy of one of the following forms of identification:

a.  Identification which must include your name and photograph: United States passport; employee badge or identification; buyer's club identification card; debit or credit card; military identification; student identification; retirement center identification; neighborhood association identification; or public assistance identification; or

b.  Identification which shows your name and current residence address: current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or government document (excluding voter identification card).

7.  The identification requirements of Item 6. do not apply if you meet one of the following requirements:

a.  You are 65 years of age or older.

b.  You have a temporary or permanent physical disability.

c.  You are a member of a uniformed service on active duty who, by reason of such active duty, will be absent from the county on election day.

d.  You are a member of the Merchant Marine who, by reason of service in the Merchant Marine, will be absent from the county on election day.

e.  You are the spouse or dependent of a member referred to in paragraph c. or paragraph d. who, by reason of the active duty or service of the member, will be absent from the county on election day.

f.  You are currently residing outside the United States.

8.  Place the envelope bearing the Voter's Certificate into the mailing envelope addressed to the supervisor. Insert a copy of your identification in the mailing envelope. DO NOT PUT YOUR IDENTIFICATION INSIDE THE SECRECY ENVELOPE WITH THE BALLOT OR INSIDE THE ENVELOPE WHICH BEARS THE VOTER'S CERTIFICATE OR YOUR BALLOT WILL NOT COUNT.

9.  Mail, deliver, or have delivered the completed mailing envelope. Be sure there is sufficient postage if mailed.

10.  FELONY NOTICE. It is a felony under Florida law to accept any gift, payment, or gratuity in exchange for your vote for a candidate. It is also a felony under Florida law to vote in an election using a false identity or false address, or under any other circumstances making your ballot false or fraudulent.

History.--s. 23, ch. 2003-415; s. 5, ch. 2004-232; s. 49, ch. 2005-277; s. 42, ch. 2005-278.