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The Florida Senate

2010 Florida Statutes

F.S. 537.017

Investigations and complaints.


The office may make any investigation and examination of any licensee or other person the office deems necessary to determine compliance with this act. For such purposes, the office may examine the books, accounts, records, and other documents or matters of any licensee or other person. The office may compel the production of all relevant books, records, and other documents and materials relative to an examination or investigation. Examinations shall not be made more often than once during any 12-month period unless the office has reason to believe the licensee is not complying with the provisions of this act.


The office shall conduct all examinations at a convenient location in this state unless the office determines that it is more effective or cost-efficient to perform an examination at the licensee’s out-of-state location. For an examination performed at the licensee’s out-of-state location, the licensee shall pay the travel expense and per diem subsistence at the rate provided by law for up to thirty 8-hour days per year for each office examiner who participates in such an examination. However, if the examination involves or reveals possible fraudulent conduct by the licensee, the licensee shall pay the travel expenses and per diem subsistence provided by law, without limitation, for each participating examiner.


Any person having reason to believe that any provision of this act has been violated may file with the Department of Financial Services or the office a written complaint setting forth the details of such alleged violation, and the office may investigate such complaint.


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