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The Florida Senate

2010 Florida Statutes

Correctional Medical Authority; ss. 945.601-945.6035, definitions.
F.S. 945.601

Correctional Medical Authority; ss. 945.601-945.6035, definitions.

As used in this act:


“Authority” means the State of Florida Correctional Medical Authority created in this act.


“Health care provider” means:


A regional research hospital or research center which is authorized by law to provide hospital services in accordance with chapter 395, which has a contractual or operating arrangement with a regional school of medicine, and which is located at that regional school of medicine;


Any entity which has agreed to provide hospital services to inmates in the Department of Corrections; or


Any entity licensed to provide hospital services in accordance with chapter 395.


“Project” means any structure, facility, machinery, equipment, or other property suitable for use by a health facility in connection with its operations or proposed operations, including, without limitation, real property therefor; a clinic, computer facility, dining hall, firefighting facility, fire prevention facility, long-term care facility, hospital, interns’ residence, laboratory, laundry, maintenance facility, nurses’ residence, office, parking area, pharmacy, recreational facility, research facility, storage facility, utility, or X-ray facility, or any combination of the foregoing; and other structure or facility related thereto or required or useful for health care purposes, the conducting of research, or the operation of a health facility, including a facility or structure essential or convenient for the orderly conduct of the health facility and other similar items necessary or convenient for the operation of a particular facility or structure in the manner for which its use is intended. “Project” does not include such items as fuel, supplies, or other items which are customarily deemed to result in a current operating charge.


“Quality management program” means to monitor and evaluate inmate health care and includes the following objectives:


Assuring that all inmates receive appropriate and timely services in a safe environment.


Assuring systematic monitoring of the treatment environment.


Assisting in the reduction of professional and general liability risks.


Enhancing efficient utilization of resources.


Assisting in credential review and privilege delineation.


Enhancing the identification of continuing educational needs.


Facilitating the identification of strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.


Facilitating the coordination and integration of information systems.


Assuring the resolution of identified problems.


“Real property” includes all lands, including buildings, structures, improvements, and fixtures thereon; any property of any nature appurtenant thereto or used in connection therewith; and every estate, interest, and right, legal or equitable, therein, including any such interest for a term of years.


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