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The Florida Senate

2010 Florida Statutes

F.S. 945.6031

Required reports and surveys.


Not less than annually, the authority shall report to the Governor and the Legislature the status of the Department of Corrections’ health care delivery system. The report must include, but need not be limited to:


Recommendations regarding cost containment measures the Department of Corrections could implement; and


Recommendations regarding performance and financial audits of the Department of Corrections’ Office of Health Services.


The authority shall conduct surveys of the physical and mental health care system at each correctional institution at least triennially and shall report the survey findings for each institution to the Secretary of Corrections.


Deficiencies found by the authority to be life-threatening or otherwise serious shall be immediately reported to the Secretary of Corrections. The Department of Corrections shall take immediate action to correct life-threatening or otherwise serious deficiencies identified by the authority and within 3 calendar days file a written corrective action plan with the authority indicating the actions that will be taken to address the deficiencies. Within 60 calendar days following a survey, the authority shall submit a report to the Secretary of Corrections indicating deficiencies found at the institution.


Within 30 calendar days after the receipt of a survey report from the authority, the Department of Corrections shall file a written corrective action plan with the authority, indicating the actions which will be taken to address deficiencies determined by the authority to exist at an institution. Each plan shall set forth an estimate of the time and resources needed to correct identified deficiencies.


The authority shall monitor the Department of Corrections’ implementation of corrective actions which have been taken at each institution to address deficiencies related to the Department of Corrections’ provision of physical and mental health care services found to exist by the authority.


Failure of the Department of Corrections to file a corrective action plan or to timely implement the provisions of a corrective action plan correcting identified deficiencies may result in the initiation of the dispute resolution procedures by the authority pursuant to s. 945.6035.


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