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The Florida Senate

2010 Florida Statutes

F.S. 945.6034

Minimum health care standards.


The Assistant Secretary for Health Services is responsible for developing a comprehensive health care delivery system and promulgating all department health care standards. Such health care standards shall include, but are not limited to, rules relating to the management structure of the health care system and the provision of health care services to inmates, health care policies, health care plans, quality management systems and procedures, health service bulletins, and treatment protocols.


The department shall submit all health care standards to the authority for review prior to adoption. The authority shall review all department health care standards to determine whether they conform to the standard of care generally accepted in the professional health community at large.


The department shall comply with all adopted department health care standards. Failure of the department to comply with the standards may result in a dispute resolution proceeding brought by the authority pursuant to s. 945.6035, but shall not create a cause of action for any third parties, including inmates or former inmates.


s. 5, ch. 92-47.