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The Florida Senate

2012 Florida Statutes

F.S. 1001.27
1001.27 State satellite network.
(1) There is created a state satellite network, which shall provide one-way video and audio transmissions with regional access for all Floridians, state agencies, county and municipal governments, business and industry, and other public and private entities to participate in classroom instruction, continuing education, special events programs, and one-way video teleconferencing.
(2) The network shall consist of compatible satellite receiving equipment at public educational institutions in each of the 28 Florida College System institution regions.
(3) The department, in consultation with the Department of Management Services, shall implement the provisions of this section and coordinate the network. Specifically, the department shall:
(a) Provide for technical analysis of suitable existing satellite receiving equipment at Florida public postsecondary educational institutions for inclusion in the network.
(b) Acquire by competitive sealed bid and place appropriate receiving equipment in those Florida College System institution regions of the state in which such equipment is presently not available at a public postsecondary educational institution.
(c) Develop an implementation plan that provides for designation of a site in each Florida College System institution region for inclusion in the initial network. Criteria for selection shall include:
1. Accessibility to a substantial portion of the population of the region.
2. Demonstrated institutional commitment to support and encourage use of the network both within the region and statewide.
3. Willingness to complement state support with matching institutional resources.
4. Evidence of cooperation and coordinated planning with other postsecondary educational institutions in the region.
5. Availability of existing telecommunications equipment which is compatible or adaptable for use in the network.
(d) Identify additional sites for inclusion in the network in the event that demand exceeds the capacity of the initial network.
(e) Coordinate scheduling and encourage use of the network.
(f) Develop operating procedures for the system and recommend fee schedules for both public and private entities wishing to transmit or receive programming through the network. Scheduling procedures shall assign the highest priority to educational programming.
(g) Provide training for institutional, state agency, and other personnel in effective techniques for the use of the network.
(h) Provide initial startup support for operations, maintenance, and publicity costs of the network. Continuation costs in these areas shall be recovered through user fees and local resources.
(4) All audio components of this system that are not transmitted simultaneously with video to a domestic satellite shall be transmitted through common carriers regulated pursuant to chapter 364.
(5) The State Board of Education may adopt any rules necessary for the implementation of this section.
(6) This section shall be implemented only to the extent specifically authorized and funded by law.
History.s. 33, ch. 2002-387; s. 13, ch. 2011-5.