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2012 Florida Statutes

F.S. 479.02
479.02 Duties of the department.It shall be the duty of the department to:
(1) Administer and enforce the provisions of this chapter and the agreement between the state and the United States Department of Transportation relating to the size, lighting, and spacing of signs in accordance with Title I of the Highway Beautification Act of 1965 and Title 23, United States Code, and federal regulations in effect as of the effective date of this act.
(2) Regulate size, height, lighting, and spacing of signs permitted in zoned and unzoned commercial areas and zoned and unzoned industrial areas on the interstate highway system and the federal-aid primary highway system.
(3) Determine unzoned commercial areas and unzoned industrial areas.
(4) Implement a specific information panel program on the interstate highway system to promote tourist-oriented businesses by providing directional information safely and aesthetically.
(5) Implement a rest area information panel or devices program at rest areas along the interstate highway system and the federal-aid primary highway system to promote tourist-oriented businesses.
(6) Test and, if economically feasible, implement alternative methods of providing information in the specific interest of the traveling public which allow the traveling public freedom of choice, conserve natural beauty, and present information safely and aesthetically.
(7) Adopt such rules as it deems necessary or proper for the administration of this chapter, including rules which identify activities that may not be recognized as industrial or commercial activities for purposes of determination of an area as an unzoned commercial or industrial area.
(8) Prior to July 1, 1998, inventory and determine the location of all signs on the state, interstate and federal-aid primary highway systems. Upon completion of the inventory, it shall become the database and permit information for all signs permitted at the time of completion, and the previous records of the department shall be amended accordingly. The inventory shall be updated no less than every 2 years. The department shall adopt rules regarding what information is to be collected and preserved to implement the purposes of this chapter. The department may perform the inventory using department staff, or may contract with a private firm to perform the work, whichever is more cost efficient. The department shall maintain a database of sign inventory information such as sign location, size, height, and structure type, the permitholder’s name, and any other information the department finds necessary to administer the program.
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