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2012 Florida Statutes

F.S. 480.046
480.046 Grounds for disciplinary action by the board.
(1) The following acts constitute grounds for denial of a license or disciplinary action, as specified in s. 456.072(2):
(a) Attempting to procure a license to practice massage by bribery or fraudulent misrepresentation.
(b) Having a license to practice massage revoked, suspended, or otherwise acted against, including the denial of licensure, by the licensing authority of another state, territory, or country.
(c) Being convicted or found guilty, regardless of adjudication, of a crime in any jurisdiction which directly relates to the practice of massage or to the ability to practice massage. Any plea of nolo contendere shall be considered a conviction for purposes of this chapter.
(d) False, deceptive, or misleading advertising.
(e) Aiding, assisting, procuring, or advising any unlicensed person to practice massage contrary to the provisions of this chapter or to a rule of the department or the board.
(f) Making deceptive, untrue, or fraudulent representations in the practice of massage.
(g) Being unable to practice massage with reasonable skill and safety by reason of illness or use of alcohol, drugs, narcotics, chemicals, or any other type of material or as a result of any mental or physical condition. In enforcing this paragraph, the department shall have, upon probable cause, authority to compel a massage therapist to submit to a mental or physical examination by physicians designated by the department. Failure of a massage therapist to submit to such examination when so directed, unless the failure was due to circumstances beyond her or his control, shall constitute an admission of the allegations against her or him, consequent upon which a default and final order may be entered without the taking of testimony or presentation of evidence. A massage therapist affected under this paragraph shall at reasonable intervals be afforded an opportunity to demonstrate that she or he can resume the competent practice of massage with reasonable skill and safety to clients.
(h) Gross or repeated malpractice or the failure to practice massage with that level of care, skill, and treatment which is recognized by a reasonably prudent massage therapist as being acceptable under similar conditions and circumstances.
(i) Practicing or offering to practice beyond the scope permitted by law or accepting and performing professional responsibilities which the licensee knows or has reason to know that she or he is not competent to perform.
(j) Delegating professional responsibilities to a person when the licensee delegating such responsibilities knows or has reason to know that such person is not qualified by training, experience, or licensure to perform.
(k) Violating a lawful order of the board or department previously entered in a disciplinary hearing, or failing to comply with a lawfully issued subpoena of the department.
(l) Refusing to permit the department to inspect the business premises of the licensee during regular business hours.
(m) Failing to keep the equipment and premises of the massage establishment in a clean and sanitary condition.
(n) Practicing massage at a site, location, or place which is not duly licensed as a massage establishment, except that a massage therapist, as provided by rules adopted by the board, may provide massage services, excluding colonic irrigation, at the residence of a client, at the office of the client, at a sports event, at a convention, or at a trade show.
(o) Violating any provision of this chapter or chapter 456, or any rules adopted pursuant thereto.
(2) The board may enter an order denying licensure or imposing any of the penalties in s. 456.072(2) against any applicant for licensure or licensee who is found guilty of violating any provision of subsection (1) of this section or who is found guilty of violating any provision of s. 456.072(1).
(3) The board shall have the power to revoke or suspend the license of a massage establishment licensed under this act, or to deny subsequent licensure of such an establishment, in either of the following cases:
(a) Upon proof that a license has been obtained by fraud or misrepresentation.
(b) Upon proof that the holder of a license is guilty of fraud or deceit or of gross negligence, incompetency, or misconduct in the operation of the establishment so licensed.
(4) Disciplinary proceedings shall be conducted pursuant to the provisions of chapter 120.
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