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The Florida Senate

2018 Florida Statutes

F.S. 394.496
394.496 Service planning.
(1) It is the intent of the Legislature that the service planning process:
(a) Focus on individualized treatment and the service needs of the child or adolescent.
(b) Concentrate on the service needs of the family and individual family members of the child’s or adolescent’s family.
(c) Involve appropriate family members and pertinent community-based health, education, and social agencies.
(2) The principals of the service planning process shall:
(a) Assist the family and other caregivers in developing and implementing a workable services plan for treating the mental health problems of the child or adolescent.
(b) Use all available resources in the community, particularly informal support services, which will assist in carrying out the goals and objectives of the services plan.
(c) Maintain the child or adolescent in the most normal environment possible, as close to home as possible; and maintain the child in a stable school placement, which is consistent with the child’s or adolescent’s and other students’ need for safety, if the child is removed from home and placed in state custody.
(d) Ensure the ability and likelihood of family participation in the treatment of the child or adolescent, as well as enhancing family independence by building on family strengths and assets.
(3) The services plan must include:
(a) A behavioral description of the problem being addressed.
(b) A description of the services or treatment to be provided to the child or adolescent and his or her family which address the identified problem, including:
1. The type of services or treatment.
2. The frequency and duration of services or treatment.
3. The location at which the services or treatment are to be provided.
4. The name of each accountable provider of services or treatment.
(c) A description of the measurable objectives of treatment, which, if met, will result in measurable improvements of the condition of the child or adolescent, as specified in s. 394.494.
(4) For students who are served by exceptional student education, there must be consistency between the services prescribed in the service plan and the components of the individual education plan.
(5) A professional as defined in s. 394.455(5), (7), (32), (35), or (36) or a professional licensed under chapter 491 must be included among those persons developing the services plan.
(6) The services plan shall be developed in conference with the parent or legal guardian. If the parent or legal guardian believes that the services plan is inadequate, the parent or legal guardian may request that the department or its designee review and make recommended changes to the plan.
(7) The services plan shall be reviewed at least every 90 days for programmatic and financial compliance.
History.s. 7, ch. 98-5; s. 6, ch. 2015-4; s. 67, ch. 2016-241.