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2018 Florida Statutes

F.S. 626.471
626.471 Termination of appointment.
(1) Subject to an appointee’s contract rights, an appointing entity may terminate its appointment of any appointee at any time. Except when termination is upon a ground which would subject the appointee to suspension or revocation of his or her license and appointment under s. 626.611 or s. 626.621, and except as provided by contract between the appointing entity and the appointee, the appointing entity shall give at least 60 days’ advance written notice of its intention to terminate such appointment to the appointee, either by delivery thereof to the appointee in person or by mailing it, postage prepaid, addressed to the appointee at his or her last address of record with the appointing entity. Notice so mailed shall be deemed to have been given when deposited in a United States Postal Service mail depository.
(2) As soon as possible and at all events within 30 days after terminating the appointment of an appointee, other than as to an appointment terminated by the appointing entity’s failure to continue or renew it, the appointing entity shall file written notice thereof with the department, together with a statement that it has given the appointee notice thereof as provided in subsection (1) and shall file with the department the reasons and facts involved in such termination as required under s. 626.511.
(3) Upon termination of the appointment of an appointee, whether by failure to renew or continue the appointment, the appointing entity shall:
(a) File with the department the information required under s. 626.511.
(b) Subject to the exceptions provided under subsection (1), continue the outstanding contracts transacted by an agent until the expiration date or anniversary date when the policy is a continuous policy with no expiration date. This paragraph shall not be construed to prohibit the cancellation of such contracts when not otherwise prohibited by law.
(4) An appointee may terminate the appointment at any time by giving written or electronic notice thereof to the appointing entity, department, or person designated by the department to administer the appointment process. The department shall immediately terminate the appointment and notify the appointing entity of such termination. Such termination shall be subject to the appointee’s contract rights, if any.
(5) Upon receiving notice of termination, the department or person designated by the department to administer the appointment process shall terminate the appointment.
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