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2018 Florida Statutes

Grounds for discretionary refusal, suspension, or revocation of insurance agency license.
F.S. 626.6215
626.6215 Grounds for discretionary refusal, suspension, or revocation of insurance agency license.The department may, in its discretion, deny, suspend, revoke, or refuse to continue the license of any insurance agency if it finds, as to any insurance agency or as to any majority owner, partner, manager, director, officer, or other person who manages or controls such insurance agency, that any one or more of the following applicable grounds exist:
(1) Any cause for which issuance of the license could have been refused had it then existed and been known to the department.
(2) If the license is used, or to be used, to circumvent any of the requirements or prohibitions of this code.
(3) Having been found guilty of, or having pleaded guilty or nolo contendere to, a felony in this state or any other state relating to the business of insurance or an insurance agency, without regard to whether a judgment of conviction has been entered by the court having jurisdiction of such cases.
(4) Knowingly employing any individual in a managerial capacity or in a capacity dealing with the public who is under an order of revocation or suspension issued by the department.
(5) Committing any of the following acts with such frequency as to have made the operation of the agency hazardous to the insurance-buying public or other persons:
(a) Misappropriation, conversion, or unlawful withholding of moneys belonging to insurers or insureds or beneficiaries or to others and received in the conduct of business under the license.
(b) Unlawfully rebating, attempting to unlawfully rebate, or unlawfully dividing or offering to divide commissions with another.
(c) Misrepresentation of any insurance policy or annuity contract, or deception with regard to any such policy or contract, done either in person or by any form of dissemination of information or advertising.
(d) Violation of any provision of this code or of any other law applicable to the business of insurance in the course of dealing under the license.
(e) Violation of any lawful order or rule of the department.
(f) Failure or refusal, upon demand, to pay over to any insurer he or she represents or has represented any money coming into his or her hands belonging to the insurer.
(g) Violation of the provision against twisting as defined in s. 626.9541(1)(l).
(h) In the conduct of business under the license, engaging in unfair methods of competition or in unfair or deceptive acts or practices as prohibited under part IX of this chapter.
(i) Willful overinsurance of any property insurance risk.
(j) Fraudulent or dishonest practices in the conduct of business arising out of activities related to insurance or the insurance agency.
(k) Demonstrated lack of fitness or trustworthiness to engage in the business of insurance arising out of activities related to insurance or the insurance agency.
(6) Failure to take corrective action or report a violation to the department within 30 days after an individual licenseeā€™s violation is known or should have been known by one or more of the partners, officers, or managers acting on behalf of the agency. However, the existence of grounds for administrative action against a licensed agency does not constitute grounds for action against any other licensed agency, including an agency that owns, is under common ownership with, or is owned by, in whole or in part, the agency for which grounds for administrative action exist. 207, 807, ch. 82-243; s. 88, ch. 83-216; s. 18, ch. 87-226; ss. 57, 206, 207, ch. 90-363; s. 4, ch. 91-429; s. 238, ch. 97-102; s. 47, ch. 2001-63; s. 23, ch. 2005-257.