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2023 Florida Statutes (including 2023C)

Foreign-trained professionals; special examination and license provisions.
F.S. 472.0101
472.0101 Foreign-trained professionals; special examination and license provisions.
(1) When not otherwise provided by law, the department shall by rule provide procedures under which exiled professionals may be examined under this chapter. A person is eligible for the examination if the exiled professional:
(a) Immigrated to the United States after leaving the person’s home country because of political reasons, provided the country is located in the Western Hemisphere and does not have diplomatic relations with the United States;
(b) Applies to the department and submits a fee;
(c) Was a resident of this state immediately preceding the person’s application;
(d) Demonstrates to the department, through submission of documentation verified by the applicant’s respective professional association in exile, that the applicant was graduated with an appropriate professional or occupational degree from a college or university. However, the department may not require receipt of any documentation from the Republic of Cuba as a condition of eligibility under this section;
(e) Lawfully practiced the profession for at least 3 years;
(f) Prior to 1980, successfully completed an approved course of study pursuant to chapters 74-105 and 75-177, Laws of Florida; and
(g) Presents a certificate demonstrating the successful completion of a continuing education program which offers a course of study that will prepare the applicant for the examination offered under subsection (2). The department shall develop rules for the approval of such programs for the board.
(2) Upon request of a person who meets the requirements of subsection (1) and submits an examination fee, the department, for the board, shall conduct a written practical examination that tests the person’s current ability to practice the profession competently in accordance with the actual practice of the profession. Evidence of meeting the requirements of subsection (1) shall be treated by the department as evidence of the applicant’s preparation in the academic and preprofessional fundamentals necessary for successful professional practice, and the applicant may not be examined by the department on such fundamentals.
(3) The fees charged for the examinations offered under subsection (2) shall be established by the department, for the board, by rule and shall be sufficient to develop or to contract for the development of the examination and its administration, grading, and grade reviews.
(4) The department shall examine any applicant who meets the requirements of subsections (1) and (2). Upon passing the examination and the issuance of the license, a licensee is subject to the administrative requirements of this chapter. Each applicant so licensed is subject to all provisions of this chapter.
(5) Upon a request by an applicant otherwise qualified under this section, the examinations offered under subsection (2) may be given in the applicant’s native language if any translation costs are borne by the applicant.
(6) The department, for the board, may not issue an initial license to, or renew a license of, any applicant or licensee who is under investigation or prosecution in any jurisdiction for an action that would constitute a violation of this chapter until such time as the investigation or prosecution is complete, at which time the provisions of this chapter shall apply.
History.s. 8, ch. 2009-66.