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2005 Florida Statutes

Section 189.418, Florida Statutes 2005

189.418  Reports; budgets; audits.--

(1)  When a new special district is created, the district must forward to the department, within 30 days after the adoption of the special act, rule, ordinance, resolution, or other document that provides for the creation of the district, a copy of the document and a written statement that includes a reference to the status of the special district as dependent or independent and the basis for such classification. In addition to the document or documents that create the district, the district must also submit a map of the district, showing any municipal boundaries that cross the district's boundaries, and any county lines if the district is located in more than one county. The department must notify the local government or other entity and the district within 30 days after receipt of the document or documents that create the district as to whether the district has been determined to be dependent or independent.

(2)  Any amendment, modification, or update of the document by which the district was created, including changes in boundaries, must be filed with the department within 30 days after adoption. The department may initiate proceedings against special districts as provided in s. 189.421 for failure to file the information required by this subsection.

(3)  The governing body of each special district shall adopt a budget by resolution each fiscal year. The total amount available from taxation and other sources, including amounts carried over from prior fiscal years, must equal the total of appropriations for expenditures and reserves. The adopted budget must regulate expenditures of the special district, and it is unlawful for any officer of a special district to expend or contract for expenditures in any fiscal year except in pursuance of budgeted appropriations.

(4)  The proposed budget of a dependent special district shall be presented in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, contained within the general budget of the local governing authority, and be clearly stated as the budget of the dependent district. However, with the concurrence of the local governing authority, a dependent district may be budgeted separately.

(5)  The governing body of each special district at any time within a fiscal year or within up to 60 days following the end of the fiscal year may amend a budget for that year. The budget amendment must be adopted by resolution.

(6)  A local governing authority may, in its discretion, review the budget or tax levy of any special district located solely within its boundaries.

(7)  All reports or information required to be filed with a local governing authority under ss. 189.415, 189.416, and 189.417 and this section shall:

(a)  When the local governing authority is a county, be filed with the clerk of the board of county commissioners.

(b)  When the district is a multicounty district, be filed with the clerk of the county commission in each county.

(c)  When the local governing authority is a municipality, be filed at the place designated by the municipal governing body.

History.--s. 10, ch. 79-183; s. 16, ch. 81-167; s. 25, ch. 89-169; s. 13, ch. 96-324; s. 144, ch. 2001-266; s. 26, ch. 2002-1; s. 19, ch. 2004-305.

Note.--Former s. 189.006.