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2005 Florida Statutes

Section 377.602, Florida Statutes 2005

377.602  Definitions.--As used in ss. 377.601-377.608:

(1)  "Energy resources" includes, but shall not be limited to:

(a)  Propane, butane, motor gasoline, kerosene, home heating oil, diesel fuel, other middle distillates, aviation gasoline, kerosene-type jet fuel, naphtha-type jet fuel, residual fuels, crude oil, and other petroleum products and hydrocarbons as may be determined by the department to be of importance.

(b)  All natural gas, including casinghead gas, all other hydrocarbons not defined as petroleum products in paragraph (a), and liquefied petroleum gas as defined in s. 527.01

(c)  All types of coal and products derived from its conversion and used as fuel.

(d)  All types of nuclear energy, special nuclear material, and source material, as defined in 1s. 290.07

(e)  Every other energy resource, whether natural or manmade which the department determines to be important to the production or supply of energy, including, but not limited to, energy converted from solar radiation, wind, hydraulic potential, tidal movements, and geothermal sources.

(f)  All electrical energy.

(2)  "Department" means the Department of Environmental Protection.

(3)  "Person" means producer, refiner, wholesaler, marketer, consignee, jobber, distributor, storage operator, importer, exporter, firm, corporation, broker, cooperative, public utility as defined in s. 366.02, rural electrification cooperative, municipality engaged in the business of providing electricity or other energy resources to the public, pipeline company, person transporting any energy resources as defined in subsection (1), and person holding energy reserves for further production; however, "person" does not include persons exclusively engaged in the retail sale of petroleum products.

History.--s. 2, ch. 74-186; s. 122, ch. 77-104; s. 2, ch. 78-25; s. 123, ch. 79-190; s. 5, ch. 91-113; s. 12, ch. 2004-243.

1Note.--Repealed by s. 3, ch. 78-373.