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The Florida Senate

2006 Florida Statutes

Section 1007.23, Florida Statutes 2006

1007.23  Statewide articulation agreement.--

(1)  The State Board of Education shall establish in rule a statewide articulation agreement that governs:

(a)  Articulation between secondary and postsecondary education;

(b)  Admission of associate in arts degree graduates from community colleges and state universities;

(c)  Admission of applied technology diploma program graduates from community colleges or career centers;

(d)  Admission of associate in science degree and associate in applied science degree graduates from community colleges;

(e)  The use of acceleration mechanisms, including nationally standardized examinations through which students may earn credit;

(f)  General education requirements and statewide course numbers as provided for in ss. 1007.24 and 1007.25; and

(g)  Articulation among programs in nursing.

(2)  The articulation agreement must specifically provide that every associate in arts graduate of a community college shall have met all general education requirements and must be granted admission to the upper division of a state university except to a limited access or teacher certification program or a major program requiring an audition. After admission has been granted to students under provisions of this section and to university students who have successfully completed 60 credit hours of coursework, including 36 hours of general education, and met the requirements of s. 1008.29, admission shall be granted to state university and community college students who have successfully completed 60 credit hours of work, including 36 hours of general education. Community college associate in arts graduates shall receive priority for admission to a state university over out-of-state students. Orientation programs and student handbooks provided to freshman enrollees and transfer students at state universities must include an explanation of this provision of the articulation agreement.

(3)  The articulation agreement must guarantee the statewide articulation of appropriate workforce development programs and courses between school districts and community colleges and specifically provide that every applied technology diploma graduate must be granted the same amount of credit upon admission to an associate in science degree or associate in applied science degree program unless it is a limited access program. Preference for admission must be given to graduates who are residents of Florida.

(4)  The articulation agreement must guarantee the statewide articulation of appropriate courses within associate in science degree programs to baccalaureate degree programs. Courses within an associate in applied science degree program may articulate into a baccalaureate degree program on an individual or block basis as authorized in local interinstitutional articulation agreements.

(5)  The articulation agreement must guarantee the articulation of 9 credit hours toward a postsecondary degree in early childhood education for programs approved by the State Board of Education which:

(a)  Award a child development associate credential issued by the National Credentialing Program of the Council for Professional Recognition or award a credential approved under s. 1002.55(3)(c)1.b. or s. 402.305(3)(c) as being equivalent to the child development associate credential; and

(b)  Include training in emergent literacy which meets or exceeds the minimum standards for training courses for prekindergarten instructors of the Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program in s. 1002.59

History.--s. 348, ch. 2002-387; s. 105, ch. 2004-357; s. 15, ch. 2004-484.