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2006 Florida Statutes

University employment equity accountability program.
Section 1012.95, Florida Statutes 2006

1012.95  University employment equity accountability program.--

(1)  Each state university and New College shall maintain an annual equity plan for appropriate representation of women and minorities in senior-level administrative positions, within tenure-track faculty, and within faculty-granted tenure. Such plan shall be maintained until appropriate representation has been achieved. As used in this subsection, the term:

(a)  "Appropriate representation" means category employment representation that at least meets comparable national standards for at least two consecutive reporting periods.

(b)  "Category" means major executive, administrative, and professional grouping, including senior-level administrative and professional positions, senior academic administrative-level positions, and tenure-track faculty.

(2)(a)  By April 1 of each year, each state university president shall submit an annual equity report to the Commissioner of Education and the State Board of Education. The equity report shall consist of a status update, an analysis, and a status report of selected personnel transactions. As used in this paragraph, the term, "selected personnel transactions" means new hires in, promotions into, tenure actions in, and terminations from a category. Each university shall provide the following information for the selected personnel transactions including, but not limited to:

1.  Job classification title.

2.  Gender.

3.  Race.

4.  Appointment status.

The status update shall assess underrepresentation in each category. The status report shall consist of current category employment representation, comparable national standards, an evaluation of representation, and annual goals to address underrepresentation.

(b)  After 1 year of implementation of a plan, and annually thereafter, for those categories in which prior year goals were not achieved, each university shall provide, in its annual equity report, a narrative explanation and a plan for achievement of equity. The plan shall include guidelines for ensuring balanced membership on selection committees and specific steps for developing a diverse pool of candidates for each vacancy in the category. The plan shall also include a systematic process by which those responsible for hiring are provided information and are evaluated regarding their responsibilities pursuant to this section.

(c)  The equity report shall include an analysis and assessment of the university's accomplishment of annual goals, as specified in the university's affirmative action plan, for increasing the representation of women and minorities in tenure-earning and senior-level administrative positions.

(d)  The equity report shall also include the current rank, race, and gender of faculty eligible for tenure in a category. In addition, each university shall report representation of the pool of tenure-eligible faculty at each stage of the transaction process and provide certification that each eligible faculty member was apprised annually of progress toward tenure. Each university shall also report on the dissemination of standards for achieving tenure; racial and gender composition of committees reviewing recommendations at each transaction level; and dissemination of guidelines for equitable distribution of assignments.

(3)(a)  A factor in the evaluation of university presidents, vice presidents, deans, and chairpersons shall be their annual progress in achieving the annual and long-range hiring and promotional goals and objectives, as specified in the university's equity plan and affirmative action plan. Annual budget allocations for positions and funding shall be based on this evaluation. A summary of such evaluations shall be submitted to the Commissioner of Education and the State Board of Education as part of the university's annual equity report.

(b)  The university boards of trustees shall annually evaluate the performance of the university presidents in achieving the annual equity goals and objectives. A summary of the results of such evaluations shall be included as part of the annual equity progress report submitted by the university boards of trustees to the Legislature and the State Board of Education.

(4)  The State Board of Education shall submit an annual equity progress report to the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives on or before August 1 of each year.

(5)  Each university shall develop a budgetary incentive plan to support and ensure attainment of the goals developed pursuant to this section. The plan shall specify, at a minimum, how resources shall be allocated to support the achievement of goals and the implementation of strategies in a timely manner. After prior review and approval by the university president and the university board of trustees, the plan shall be submitted as part of the annual equity report submitted by each university to the State Board of Education.

(6)  Relevant components of each university's affirmative action plan may be used to satisfy the requirements of this section.

(7)  Subject to available funding, the Legislature shall provide an annual appropriation to be allocated to the universities to further enhance equity initiatives and related priorities that support the mission of departments, divisions, or colleges in recognition of the attainment of equity goals and objectives.

History.--s. 784, ch. 2002-387.