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The Florida Senate

2006 Florida Statutes

Name and replat of subdivision.
Section 177.051, Florida Statutes 2006

177.051  Name and replat of subdivision.--

(1)  Every subdivision shall be given a name by which it shall be legally known. For the purpose of this section, that name is the "primary name." The primary name shall not be the same or in any way so similar to any name appearing on any recorded plat in the same county as to confuse the records or to mislead the public as to the identity of the subdivision, except when the subdivision is further divided as an additional unit or section by the same developer or the developer's successors in title. In that case, the additional unit, section, or phase shall be given the primary name followed by the unit, section, or phase number. Words such as "the," "replat," or "a" may not be used as the first word of the primary name. Every subdivision's name shall have legible lettering of the same size and type, including the words "section," "unit," or "phase." If the word "replat" is not part of the primary name, then it may be of a different size and type. The primary name of the subdivision shall be shown in the dedication and shall coincide exactly with the subdivision name.

(2)  Any change in a plat, except as provided in s. 177.141, shall be labeled a "replat," and a replat must conform with this part. After the effective date of this act, the terms "amended plat," "revised plat," "corrected plat," and "resubdivision" may not be used to describe the process by which a plat is changed.

History.--s. 1, ch. 71-339; s. 935, ch. 95-147; s. 4, ch. 98-20.