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The Florida Senate

2006 Florida Statutes

Section 177.081, Florida Statutes 2006

177.081  Dedication and approval.--

(1)  Prior to approval by the appropriate governing body, the plat shall be reviewed for conformity to this chapter by a professional surveyor and mapper either employed by or under contract to the local governing body, the costs of which shall be borne by the legal entity offering the plat for recordation, and evidence of such review must be placed on such plat.

(2)  Every plat of a subdivision filed for record must contain a dedication by the owner or owners of record. The dedication must be executed by all persons, corporations, or entities whose signature would be required to convey record fee simple title to the lands being dedicated in the same manner in which deeds are required to be executed. All mortgagees having a record interest in the lands subdivided shall execute, in the same manner in which deeds are required to be executed, either the dedication contained on the plat or a separate instrument joining in and ratifying the plat and all dedications and reservations thereon.

(3)  When a tract or parcel of land has been subdivided and a plat thereof bearing the dedication executed by the owners of record and mortgagees having a record interest in the lands subdivided, and when the approval of the governing body has been secured and recorded in compliance with this part, all streets, alleys, easements, rights-of-way, and public areas shown on such plat, unless otherwise stated, shall be deemed to have been dedicated to the public for the uses and purposes thereon stated. However, nothing herein shall be construed as creating an obligation upon any governing body to perform any act of construction or maintenance within such dedicated areas except when the obligation is voluntarily assumed by the governing body.

History.--s. 1, ch. 71-339; s. 2, ch. 79-86; s. 7, ch. 98-20; s. 2, ch. 99-288.