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2006 Florida Statutes

Activities authorized by municipalities and private companies.
Section 180.06, Florida Statutes 2006

180.06  Activities authorized by municipalities and private companies.--Any municipality or private company organized for the purposes contained in this chapter, is authorized:

(1)  To clean and improve street channels or other bodies of water for sanitary purposes;

(2)  To provide means for the regulation of the flow of streams for sanitary purposes;

(3)  To provide water and alternative water supplies, including, but not limited to, reclaimed water, and water from aquifer storage and recovery and desalination systems for domestic, municipal or industrial uses;

(4)  To provide for the collection and disposal of sewage, including wastewater reuse, and other liquid wastes;

(5)  To provide for the collection and disposal of garbage;

(6)  And incidental to such purposes and to enable the accomplishment of the same, to construct reservoirs, sewerage systems, trunk sewers, intercepting sewers, pumping stations, wells, siphons, intakes, pipelines, distribution systems, purification works, collection systems, treatment and disposal works;

(7)  To construct airports, hospitals, jails and golf courses, to maintain, operate and repair the same, and to construct and operate in addition thereto all machinery and equipment;

(8)  To construct, operate and maintain gas plants and distribution systems for domestic, municipal and industrial uses; and

(9)  To construct such other buildings and facilities as may be required to properly and economically operate and maintain said works necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes of this chapter.

However, a private company or municipality shall not construct any system, work, project or utility authorized to be constructed hereunder in the event that a system, work, project or utility of a similar character is being actually operated by a municipality or private company in the municipality or territory immediately adjacent thereto, unless such municipality or private company consents to such construction.

History.--s. 3, ch. 17118, 1935; s. 1, ch. 17119, 1935; CGL 1936 Supp. 3100(8); s. 5, ch. 93-51; s. 6, ch. 95-323.