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2006 Florida Statutes

Capitol Center long-range planning.
Section 272.121, Florida Statutes 2006

272.121  Capitol Center long-range planning.--

(1)  The Department of Management Services shall develop a comprehensive and long-range plan for the development of state-owned property within the Capitol Center. In developing this plan, the department shall consider:

(a)  The most efficient, expeditious, and economical method of accomplishing the desired results.

(b)  The architectural and aesthetic coordination of the proposed plan with the existing structures.

(c)  The effective utilization of all available space so as to minimize waste.

(d)  The plans adopted by the local planning agencies in Leon County.

(2)  The department shall further determine the needs of state government and the various agencies thereof occupying the Capitol Center and activities requiring space or facilities in the Capitol Center. When these needs have been determined, the department shall develop a comprehensive plan for meeting these needs and for providing immediate facilities for state government and its agencies to effectively and efficiently discharge their duties and responsibilities.

(3)  In carrying out the provisions of the foregoing, the department shall request the cooperation of those state and private architects, engineers and interior designers determined by the department to possess expertise or information helpful to the development of a Capitol Plan and solicit and accept information, suggestions, and recommendations from all interested parties.

(4)  The department shall prepare a report of its findings and recommendations and submit the same to the Governor and the Legislature every fifth year, except that the next report shall not be due until February 1, 1979. Said report shall reflect the actions of the department in carrying out the provisions of this act and shall include an updated comprehensive plan to carry out the provisions of this act each time the report is submitted.

(5)  The department is authorized to contract with the City of Tallahassee, Leon County, the Tallahassee-Leon County Planning Department, or any other agency of such city or county to obtain planning services and functions required for the planning and development of the district in harmony with the coordinated planning of the city and the county. Services and functions covered under such agreements may include, but shall not be limited to, topographic surveys; base mapping; inventory of land use, employment, parking, and building floor areas; land acquisition information; analysis of trends; physical planning activities, including a master plan and any other required planning studies; coordination of plans for development in the district with city and county development plans; and application for and use of federal funds which may be available for planning or related purposes.

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