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2006 Florida Statutes

Section 272.161, Florida Statutes 2006

272.161  Rental of reserved parking spaces.--

(1)(a)  The Department of Management Services may assign a reserved parking space to any state employee, qualified state employee car pool, provider of essential services to the state, or state agency for reassignment to its employees. Any state agency assigned a reserved parking space shall charge the user of such space, except a qualified state employee car pool, a fee in accordance with guidelines established by the department.

(b)  Any state agency assigned a reserved parking space which is not rented for a period of 7 consecutive days shall return such space to the department for reassignment. All state agencies assigned reserved parking spaces shall assure the timely payment of assessed rent to the department.

(c)  Assignments of reserved parking spaces shall be limited to the amount of available parking under the supervision of the department. Preference in the assignment of reserved parking spaces shall be given qualified state employee car pools. A state agency, employee, state employee car pool, or provider of essential services may request a reserved parking space in a manner prescribed by the department.

(2)  All employee parking fees shall be payable by the payroll deduction plan, periodically according to the employee's pay schedule, to the Department of Management Services or to the contracting agency.

(3)  All fees collected by the Department of Management Services under the provisions of this section shall be deposited in the Supervision Trust Fund. The department shall account for the revenues and expenditures related to the paid parking program in compliance with the provisions of s. 215.32(2)(b). The revenues collected from parking fees shall be used for the maintenance, minor construction, enforcement, security, and administration of parking facilities and programs.

(4)  The Department of Management Services shall adopt such rules as are necessary to carry out the purposes of this section. The department shall establish guidelines for qualifying as a state employee car pool and for the preferential assignment of reserved spaces to car pools.

(5)  The Department of Management Services shall establish fees on all state-owned reserved parking spaces, except those assigned to qualified state employee car pools, under the jurisdiction of the department. The department shall also issue loading zone permits and scramble parking permits for a fee sufficient to cover the cost of administering the permits and maintaining the parking areas.

(6)  The Department of Management Services shall have the authority to remove or tow away, or cause to be removed or towed away, any wrongfully parked vehicle in any assigned or reserved parking space or area under the control of the Department of Management Services throughout the state at the expense of the owner of the wrongfully parked vehicle.

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