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2006 Florida Statutes

State Board of Administration; duties concerning debt service.
Section 344.26, Florida Statutes 2006

344.26  State Board of Administration; duties concerning debt service.--

(1)(a)  The constitutional State Board of Administration shall take over the management, control, bond trusteeship, administration, custody, and payment of all debt service or other funds or assets now or hereafter available for all bonds or debentures issued to finance the construction or purchase of bridges, highways, or other transportation facilities which are now or hereafter leased for a term of more than one year or purchased under installment purchase agreements by the State Road Department or Department of Transportation from any public body, county, district, municipality, or other public bridge authority.

(b)  Said State Board of Administration shall succeed to all the statutory powers of the respective officials of such public bodies, counties, districts, municipalities or other public authorities with regard to said bonds and debentures, including the power to issue refunding bonds for any of such bonds or debentures or interest coupons thereon, except that in case any ad valorem levies are necessary to service any of said bonds containing ad valorem tax pledges, such tax levies shall be made and collected by the taxing officials now authorized by law to levy and collect the same, who shall promptly remit such collections to the State Board of Administration.

(c)  Said levies shall be made upon and by direction of appropriate and seasonable resolutions adopted by the State Board of Administration, setting forth the amounts to be levied and collected and the necessity for same.

(d)  It shall be the duty of all officials of any such public body, county, district, municipality or other public authority to turn over to said State Board of Administration within 30 days after May 27, 1943, or within 30 days after the execution hereafter of any such lease or purchase agreement by Department of Transportation all moneys or other assets applicable to, or available for, the payment of said bonds or debentures, together with all records, books, documents or other papers pertaining to said bonds or debentures.

(e)  Any funds or other assets which hereafter become applicable to the payment of such bonds or debentures and come into the hands of any such officials shall be immediately remitted to said State Board of Administration.

(2)  The Department of Transportation shall pay all rentals or purchase installments for bridges or highways direct to the State Board of Administration for application by said board as provided under the terms of said leases or purchase agreements.

History.--ss. 1, 2, ch. 21853, 1943; ss. 23, 35, ch. 69-106; s. 8, ch. 70-239.