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2006 Florida Statutes

Child and adolescent mental health system of care; programs and services.
Section 394.495, Florida Statutes 2006

394.495  Child and adolescent mental health system of care; programs and services.--

(1)  The department shall establish, within available resources, an array of services to meet the individualized service and treatment needs of children and adolescents who are members of the target populations specified in s. 394.493, and of their families. It is the intent of the Legislature that a child or adolescent may not be admitted to a state mental health facility and such a facility may not be included within the array of services.

(2)  The array of services must include assessment services that provide a professional interpretation of the nature of the problems of the child or adolescent and his or her family; family issues that may impact the problems; additional factors that contribute to the problems; and the assets, strengths, and resources of the child or adolescent and his or her family. The assessment services to be provided shall be determined by the clinical needs of each child or adolescent. Assessment services include, but are not limited to, evaluation and screening in the following areas:

(a)  Physical and mental health for purposes of identifying medical and psychiatric problems.

(b)  Psychological functioning, as determined through a battery of psychological tests.

(c)  Intelligence and academic achievement.

(d)  Social and behavioral functioning.

(e)  Family functioning.

The assessment for academic achievement is the financial responsibility of the school district. The department shall cooperate with other state agencies and the school district to avoid duplicating assessment services.

(3)  Assessments must be performed by:

(a)  A professional as defined in s. 394.455(2), (4), (21), (23), or (24);

(b)  A professional licensed under chapter 491; or

(c)  A person who is under the direct supervision of a professional as defined in s. 394.455(2), (4), (21), (23), or (24) or a professional licensed under chapter 491.

The department shall adopt by rule statewide standards for mental health assessments, which must be based on current relevant professional and accreditation standards.

(4)  The array of services may include, but is not limited to:

(a)  Prevention services.

(b)  Home-based services.

(c)  School-based services.

(d)  Family therapy.

(e)  Family support.

(f)  Respite services.

(g)  Outpatient treatment.

(h)  Day treatment.

(i)  Crisis stabilization.

(j)  Therapeutic foster care.

(k)  Residential treatment.

(l)  Inpatient hospitalization.

(m)  Case management.

(n)  Services for victims of sex offenses.

(o)  Transitional services.

(5)  In order to enhance collaboration between agencies and to facilitate the provision of services by the child and adolescent mental health treatment and support system and the school district, the local child and adolescent mental health system of care shall include the local educational multiagency network for severely emotionally disturbed students specified in s. 1006.04

History.--s. 6, ch. 98-5; s. 981, ch. 2002-387.