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The Florida Senate

2006 Florida Statutes

Section 465.0197, Florida Statutes 2006

465.0197  Internet pharmacy permits.--

(1)  Any person desiring a permit to operate an Internet pharmacy shall apply to the department for an Internet pharmacy permit. If the board certifies that the application complies with the applicable laws and rules of the board governing the practice of the profession of pharmacy, the department shall issue the permit. No permit shall be issued unless a licensed pharmacist is designated as the prescription department manager for dispensing medicinal drugs to persons in this state. The licensed pharmacist shall be responsible for maintaining all drug records and for providing for the security of the area in the facility in which the compounding, storing, and dispensing of medicinal drugs to persons in this state occurs. The permittee shall notify the department within 30 days of any change of the licensed pharmacist responsible for such duties. Every permittee that employs or otherwise utilizes pharmacy technicians shall have a written policy and procedures manual specifying those duties, tasks, and functions which a pharmacy technician is allowed to perform.

(2)  An Internet pharmacy must obtain a permit under this section to sell medicinal drugs to persons in this state.

(3)  An Internet pharmacy shall provide pharmacy services at a high level of protection and competence and shall disclose to the board the following specific information:

(a)  That it maintains at all times a valid, unexpired license, permit, or registration to operate the pharmacy in compliance with the laws of the state in which the dispensing facility is located and from which the medicinal drugs shall be dispensed.

(b)  The location, names, and titles of all principal corporate officers and the pharmacist who serves as the prescription department manager for dispensing medicinal drugs to persons in this state. This disclosure shall be made within 30 days after any change of location, principal corporate officer, or pharmacist serving as the prescription department manager for dispensing medicinal drugs to persons in this state.

(c)  That it complies with all lawful directions and requests for information from the regulatory or licensing agency of all states in which it is licensed as well as with all requests for information made by the board pursuant to this section. It shall respond directly to all communications from the board concerning emergency circumstances arising from errors in the dispensing of medicinal drugs to persons in this state.

(d)  That it maintains its records of medicinal drugs dispensed to patients in this state so that the records are readily retrievable from the other business records of the pharmacy and from the records of other medicinal drugs dispensed.

(e)  That during its regular hours of operation but not less than 6 days per week, for a minimum of 40 hours per week, a toll-free telephone service shall be provided to facilitate communication between patients in this state and a pharmacist at the pharmacy who has access to the patient's records. This toll-free number must be disclosed on the label affixed to each container of dispensed medicinal drugs.

(4)  Notwithstanding s. 465.003(10), for purposes of this section, the Internet pharmacy and the pharmacist designated by the Internet pharmacy as the prescription department manager or the equivalent must be licensed in the state of location in order to dispense into this state.

History.--s. 6, ch. 2004-387.