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2006 Florida Statutes

Section 487.041, Florida Statutes 2006

487.041  Registration.--

(1)  Every pesticide which is distributed, sold, or offered for sale, except as provided in this section, within this state or delivered for transportation or transported in intrastate commerce or between points within this state through any point outside this state shall be registered in the office of the department, and such registration shall be renewed annually. Emergency exemptions from registration may be authorized in accordance with the rules of the department. The registrant shall file with the department a statement including:

(a)  The name and street address of the registrant.

(b)  The name of the pesticide.

(c)  An ingredient statement and a complete copy of the labeling accompanying the pesticide which shall conform to the registration, and a statement of all claims to be made for it, including directions for use and a guaranteed analysis showing the names and percentages by weight of each active ingredient, the total percentage of inert ingredients, and the names and percentages by weight of each "added ingredient."

(2)  For the purpose of defraying expenses of the department in connection with carrying out the provisions of this part, each person shall pay an annual registration fee of $250 for each registered pesticide. The annual registration fee for each special local need label and experimental use permit shall be $100. All registrations expire on December 31 of each year. Nothing in this section shall be construed as applying to distributors or retail dealers selling pesticides when such pesticides are registered by another person.

(3)  The department shall adopt rules governing the procedures for pesticide registration and for the review of data submitted by an applicant for registration of a pesticide. The department shall determine whether a pesticide should be registered, registered with conditions, or tested under field conditions in this state. The department shall determine that all requests for pesticide registrations meet the requirements of current state and federal law. The department, whenever it deems it necessary in the administration of this part, may require the manufacturer or registrant to submit the complete formula, quantities shipped into or manufactured in the state for distribution and sale, evidence of the efficacy and the safety of any pesticide, and other relevant data. The department may review and evaluate a registered pesticide if new information is made available which indicates that use of the pesticide has caused an unreasonable adverse effect on public health or the environment. Such review shall be conducted upon the request of the secretary of the Department of Health in the event of an unreasonable adverse effect on public health or the secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection in the event of an unreasonable adverse effect on the environment. Such review may result in modifications, revocation, cancellation, or suspension of a pesticide registration. The department, for reasons of adulteration, misbranding, or other good cause, may refuse or revoke the registration of any pesticide, after notice to the applicant or registrant giving the reason for the decision. The applicant may then request a hearing, pursuant to chapter 120, on the intention of the department to refuse or revoke registration, and, upon his or her failure to do so, the refusal or revocation shall become final without further procedure. In no event shall registration of a pesticide be construed as a defense for the commission of any offense prohibited under this part.

(4)  The department, in addition to its other duties under this section, has the power to:

(a)  Review data of the United States Environmental Protection Agency on any pesticide.

(b)  Formally request the United States Environmental Protection Agency to require registrants of pesticides to provide the department with environmental test data generated in this state or generated by simulating environmental conditions in this state.

(c)  Request information from the United States Environmental Protection Agency relating to the findings upon which that agency based its registration determinations for pesticides registered in this state.

(d)  Require a registrant who discontinues the distribution of a pesticide in this state to continue the registration of the pesticide until no more remains on retailer's shelves or 2 years after written notice to the department of date of discontinuance; provided such continued registration or sale is not specifically prohibited by the department or the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

(e)  Require data demonstrating the efficacy of pesticide products containing label statements that include directions for use as preventive treatments for termites for new construction. The department shall review the data and determine if the data supports label claims of termite prevention or protection from termite damage. Label claims for protection from damage must be supported by data that shows the product will prevent damage to a structure and its contents for a minimum of 5 years under Florida conditions. If the data does not support such label claims, then the product cannot be registered or reregistered. The department shall adopt rules specifying performance standards and acceptable test conditions for data submitted in support of an efficacy claim, or may reference such performance standards and test conditions established by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

(5)  Each application for a special local need registration must be supported by evidence of efficacy and safety which shall be submitted with the application for registration. This evidence, in whole or part, shall be examined by any other governmental agency designated by the department, which shall make recommendations to the department as to whether the application shall be accepted or rejected. The department may then issue an acceptance or rejection.

(6)  The department shall provide summary information to the Pesticide Review Council regarding applications for registration of those pesticides for which data received in the registration process indicate that the pesticide, when used according to label instructions and precautions, may have a significant potential for adverse effects on human health or the environment. The council shall be kept apprised of the status of these applications while under review and of the final action by the Commissioner of Agriculture regarding the registration of these pesticides.

(7)  In the discharge of duties under this section, the department shall seek the review and comment of other appropriate agencies. The procedures for obtaining review and comment shall be established through memoranda of understanding or cooperative agreements. Confidential data received by such governmental agencies from the department shall be confidential and exempt from the provisions of s. 119.07(1); and it is unlawful for any member of such agency or of the department to use the data for his or her own advantage or to reveal the data to the public.

(8)  Nothing in this section affects the authority of the department to administer the pesticide registration program under this part or the authority of the Commissioner of Agriculture to approve the registration of a pesticide.

(9)  Pesticides used in accordance with provisions under federal or state restriction, suspension, or cancellation orders, or other existing stock agreements, are exempt from this section.

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