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2006 Florida Statutes

Section 493.6403, Florida Statutes 2006

493.6403  License requirements.--

(1)  In addition to the license requirements set forth in this chapter, each individual or agency shall comply with the following additional requirements:

(a)  Each agency or branch office must designate a minimum of one appropriately licensed individual to act as manager, directing the activities of the Class "E" or Class "EE" employees. A Class "E" licensee may be designated to act as manager of a Class "R" agency or branch office in which case the Class "MR" license is not required.

(b)  An applicant for Class "MR" license shall have at least 1 year of lawfully gained, verifiable, full-time experience as a Class "E" licensee performing repossessions of motor vehicles, mobile homes, motorboats, aircraft, personal watercraft, all-terrain vehicles, farm equipment, or industrial equipment.

(c)  An applicant for a Class "E" license shall have at least 1 year of lawfully gained, verifiable, full-time experience in one, or a combination of more than one, of the following:

1.  Repossession of motor vehicles as defined in s. 320.01(1), mobile homes as defined in s. 320.01(2), motorboats as defined in s. 327.02, aircraft as defined in s. 330.27(1), personal watercraft as defined in s. 327.02, all-terrain vehicles as defined in s. 316.2074, farm equipment as defined under s. 686.402, or industrial equipment as defined in s. 493.6101(22).

2.  Work as a Class "EE" licensed intern.

(2)  Beginning October 1, 1994, an applicant for a Class "E" or a Class "EE" license must have completed a minimum of 40 hours of professional training at a school or training facility licensed by the department. The department shall by rule establish the general content for the training.

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