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2006 Florida Statutes

Pari-mutuel pool within track enclosure; takeouts; breaks; penalty for purchasing part of a pari-mutuel pool for or through another in specified circumstances.
Section 550.155, Florida Statutes 2006

550.155  Pari-mutuel pool within track enclosure; takeouts; breaks; penalty for purchasing part of a pari-mutuel pool for or through another in specified circumstances.--

(1)  Wagering on the results of a horserace, dograce, or on the scores or points of a jai alai game and the sale of tickets or other evidences showing an interest in or a contribution to a pari-mutuel pool are allowed within the enclosure of any pari-mutuel facility licensed and conducted under this chapter but are not allowed elsewhere in this state, must be supervised by the division, and are subject to such reasonable rules that the division prescribes.

(2)  The permitholder's share of the takeout is that portion of the takeout that remains after the pari-mutuel tax imposed upon the contributions to the pari-mutuel pool is deducted from the takeout and paid by the permitholder. The takeout is deducted from all pari-mutuel pools but may be different depending on the type of pari-mutuel pool. The permitholder shall inform the patrons, either through the official program or via the posting of signs at conspicuous locations, as to the takeout currently being applied to handle at the facility. A capital improvement proposed by a permitholder licensed under this chapter to a pari-mutuel facility existing on June 23, 1981, which capital improvement requires, pursuant to any municipal or county ordinance, resolution, or regulation, the qualification or approval of the municipality or county wherein the permitholder conducts its business operations, shall receive approval unless the municipality or county is able to show that the proposed improvement presents a justifiable and immediate hazard to the health and safety of municipal or county residents, provided the permitholder pays to the municipality or county the cost of a building permit and provided the capital improvement meets the following criteria:

(a)  The improvement does not qualify as a development of regional impact as defined in s. 380.06; and

(b)  The improvement is contiguous to or within the existing pari-mutuel facility site. To be contiguous, the site of the improvement must share a sufficient common boundary with the present pari-mutuel facility to allow full and free access without crossing a public roadway, public waterway, or similar barrier.

(3)  After deducting the takeout and the "breaks," a pari-mutuel pool must be redistributed to the contributors.

(4)  Redistribution of funds otherwise distributable to the contributors of a pari-mutuel pool must be a sum equal to the next lowest multiple of 10 on all races and games.

(5)  A distribution of a pari-mutuel pool may not be made of the odd cents of any sum otherwise distributable, which odd cents constitute the "breaks."

(6)  A person or corporation may not directly or indirectly purchase pari-mutuel tickets or participate in the purchase of any part of a pari-mutuel pool for another for hire or for any gratuity. A person may not purchase any part of a pari-mutuel pool through another wherein she or he gives or pays directly or indirectly such other person anything of value. Any person who violates this subsection is guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083

History.--s. 20, ch. 92-348; s. 8, ch. 95-390; s. 786, ch. 97-103; s. 18, ch. 2000-354.