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The Florida Senate

2006 Florida Statutes

Section 607.0604, Florida Statutes 2006

607.0604  Fractional shares.--

(1)  A corporation may:

(a)  Issue fractions of a share or pay in money the fair value of fractions of a share;

(b)  Make arrangements, or provide reasonable opportunity, for any person entitled to or holding a fractional interest in a share to sell such fractional interest or to purchase such additional fractional interests as may be necessary to acquire a full share;

(c)  Issue scrip in registered or bearer form, over the manual or facsimile signature of an officer of the corporation or its agent, entitling the holder to receive a full share upon surrendering enough scrip to equal a full share.

(2)  The board of directors may authorize the issuance of scrip subject to any condition considered desirable, including:

(a)  That the scrip will become void if not exchanged for full shares before a specified date; and

(b)  That the shares for which the scrip is exchangeable may be sold and the proceeds paid to the scripholders.

(3)  Each certificate representing scrip must be conspicuously labeled "scrip" and must contain the information required by s. 607.0625

(4)  The holder of a fractional share is entitled to exercise the rights of a shareholder, including the right to vote, to receive dividends, and to participate in the assets of the corporation upon liquidation. The holder of scrip is not entitled to any of these rights unless the scrip provides for them.

(5)  When a corporation is to pay in money the value of fractions of a share, the good faith judgment of the board of directors as to the fair value shall be conclusive.

History.--s. 36, ch. 89-154.