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2009 Florida Statutes

Nonforfeiture benefits; certain interim policies.
Section 627.514, Florida Statutes 2009

627.514  Nonforfeiture benefits; certain interim policies.--Each industrial life insurance policy delivered or issued for delivery between the effective date of this code and the operative date of s. 627.476 shall provide:

(1)  That, in the event of default in any premiums, the insurer will grant, upon proper request not later than 13 weeks or 3 months after the due date of the premium in default, a paid-up nonforfeiture benefit on a plan stipulated in the policy.

(2)  That, upon surrender of the policy within 13 weeks or 3 months after the due date of any premium payment in default after premiums have been paid for at least 5 full years, the insurer will pay, in lieu of any paid-up nonforfeiture benefit, a cash surrender value at least equal to the minimum cash surrender value hereinafter specified. The minimum cash surrender value shall be equal to:

(a)  The reserve on the date of default of the premium less a sum of not more than 2.5 percent of the face amount; or

(b)  An amount as defined in s. 627.476 The policy shall reserve to the insurer the right to defer the granting of any cash surrender value for 6 months after demand therefor with surrender of the policy.

(3)  That a specified paid-up nonforfeiture benefit, the present value of which shall be at least equal to the cash surrender value, shall become effective as specified in the policy unless the person entitled to make such election elects another available option not later than 13 weeks or 3 months after the due date of the premium in default; however, when the mortality table used is the 1941 Standard Industrial Mortality Table, the rates of mortality to be assumed in calculating any extended term insurance with accompanying pure endowment, if any, may be not more than 130 percent of the rates of mortality according to such table.

(4)  A statement of the mortality table and interest rate used in calculating the cash surrender values and the paid-up nonforfeiture benefits available under the policy, together with a table showing the cash surrender value, if any, and paid-up nonforfeiture benefits, if any, available under the policy on each policy anniversary either during the first 20 policy years or during the term of the policy, whichever is shorter.

This section does not apply to term policies of uniform amount of 15 years' duration or less, to increasing term policies of 15 years' duration or less, or to decreasing term policies.

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