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2010 Florida Statutes

Joint contracts; intrastate interexchange service contracts.
F.S. 364.07

Joint contracts; intrastate interexchange service contracts.


Every telecommunications company shall file with the commission, as and when required by it, a copy of any contract, agreement, or arrangement in writing with any other telecommunications company, or with any other corporation, association, or person relating in any way to the construction, maintenance, or use of a telecommunications facility or service by, or rates and charges over and upon, any such telecommunications facility.


The commission is authorized to review contracts for joint provision of intrastate interexchange service and may disapprove any such contract if such contract is detrimental to the public interest. The commission may also require the filing of all necessary reports and information pertinent to joint provision contracts. The commission is also authorized to adjudicate disputes among telecommunications companies regarding such contracts or the enforcement thereof. In such disputes, the commission may assess interest at a rate it shall determine.


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