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The Florida Senate

2010 Florida Statutes

F.S. 368.021


The provisions of this law and all orders, rules, and regulations adopted pursuant thereto shall apply to every person, corporation, partnership, association, public agency, municipality, cooperative, gas district, or other legal entity and their lessees, trustees, or receivers, now or hereafter owning, operating, managing, or controlling any gas transmission or distribution facilities or any other facility supplying natural or manufactured gas or liquefied gas with air admixture or any similar gaseous substance by pipeline to or for the public within this state; provided, however, that the terms of this law shall not apply to those supplying liquefied petroleum gas in either the liquid or gaseous form, or to an entity supplying compressed natural gas for use as a motor fuel or any other application requiring the introduction of the product into transportable containers.


s. 2, ch. 67-379; s. 1, ch. 69-248; s. 13, ch. 82-25; s. 12, ch. 93-35.