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The Florida Senate

2010 Florida Statutes

F.S. 379.2211

Florida waterfowl permit revenues.


The commission shall expend the revenues generated from the sale of the Florida waterfowl permit as provided in s. 379.354(8)(a) or that pro rata portion of any license that includes waterfowl hunting privileges, as provided in s. 379.354(4)(h), (i), and (j) and (9)(a)3. as follows: A maximum of 5 percent of the gross revenues shall be expended for administrative costs; a maximum of 25 percent of the gross revenues shall be expended for waterfowl research approved by the commission; and a maximum of 70 percent of the gross revenues shall be expended for projects approved by the commission, in consultation with the Waterfowl Advisory Council, for the purpose of protecting and propagating migratory waterfowl and for the development, restoration, maintenance, and preservation of wetlands within the state.


The intent of this section is to expand waterfowl research and management and increase waterfowl populations in the state without detracting from other programs. The commission shall prepare and make available on its Internet website an annual report documenting the use of funds generated under this section.


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Repealed July 1, 2010, by s. 62, ch. 2009-86.


Former s. 372.5712.