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2011 Florida Statutes

The powers and duties of the Division of Pari-mutuel Wagering of the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.
F.S. 550.0251
550.0251 The powers and duties of the Division of Pari-mutuel Wagering of the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.The division shall administer this chapter and regulate the pari-mutuel industry under this chapter and the rules adopted pursuant thereto, and:
(1) The division shall make an annual report to the Governor showing its own actions, receipts derived under the provisions of this chapter, the practical effects of the application of this chapter, and any suggestions it may approve for the more effectual accomplishments of the purposes of this chapter.
(2) The division shall require an oath on application documents as required by rule, which oath must state that the information contained in the document is true and complete.
(3) The division shall adopt reasonable rules for the control, supervision, and direction of all applicants, permittees, and licensees and for the holding, conducting, and operating of all racetracks, race meets, and races held in this state. Such rules must be uniform in their application and effect, and the duty of exercising this control and power is made mandatory upon the division.
(4) The division may take testimony concerning any matter within its jurisdiction and issue summons and subpoenas for any witness and subpoenas duces tecum in connection with any matter within the jurisdiction of the division under its seal and signed by the director.
(5) The division may adopt rules establishing procedures for testing occupational licenseholders officiating at or participating in any race or game at any pari-mutuel facility under the jurisdiction of the division for a controlled substance or alcohol and may prescribe procedural matters not in conflict with s. 120.80(4)(a).
(6) In addition to the power to exclude certain persons from any pari-mutuel facility in this state, the division may exclude any person from any and all pari-mutuel facilities in this state for conduct that would constitute, if the person were a licensee, a violation of this chapter or the rules of the division. The division may exclude from any pari-mutuel facility within this state any person who has been ejected from a pari-mutuel facility in this state or who has been excluded from any pari-mutuel facility in another state by the governmental department, agency, commission, or authority exercising regulatory jurisdiction over pari-mutuel facilities in such other state. The division may authorize any person who has been ejected or excluded from pari-mutuel facilities in this state or another state to attend the pari-mutuel facilities in this state upon a finding that the attendance of such person at pari-mutuel facilities would not be adverse to the public interest or to the integrity of the sport or industry; however, this subsection shall not be construed to abrogate the common-law right of a pari-mutuel permitholder to exclude absolutely a patron in this state.
(7) The division may oversee the making of, and distribution from, all pari-mutuel pools.
(8) The department may collect taxes and require compliance with reporting requirements for financial information as authorized by this chapter. In addition, the secretary of the department may require permitholders conducting pari-mutuel operations within the state to remit taxes, including fees, by electronic funds transfer if the taxes and fees amounted to $50,000 or more in the prior reporting year.
(9) The division may conduct investigations in enforcing this chapter, except that all information obtained pursuant to an investigation by the division for an alleged violation of this chapter or rules of the division is exempt from s. 119.07(1) and from s. 24(a), Art. I of the State Constitution until an administrative complaint is issued or the investigation is closed or ceases to be active. This subsection does not prohibit the division from providing such information to any law enforcement agency or to any other regulatory agency. For the purposes of this subsection, an investigation is considered to be active while it is being conducted with reasonable dispatch and with a reasonable, good faith belief that it could lead to an administrative, civil, or criminal action by the division or another administrative or law enforcement agency. Except for active criminal intelligence or criminal investigative information, as defined in s. 119.011, and any other information that, if disclosed, would jeopardize the safety of an individual, all information, records, and transcriptions become public when the investigation is closed or ceases to be active.
(10) The division may impose an administrative fine for a violation under this chapter of not more than $1,000 for each count or separate offense, except as otherwise provided in this chapter, and may suspend or revoke a permit, a pari-mutuel license, or an occupational license for a violation under this chapter. All fines imposed and collected under this subsection must be deposited with the Chief Financial Officer to the credit of the General Revenue Fund.
(11) The division shall supervise and regulate the welfare of racing animals at pari-mutuel facilities.
(12) The division shall have full authority and power to make, adopt, amend, or repeal rules relating to cardroom operations, to enforce and to carry out the provisions of s. 849.086, and to regulate the authorized cardroom activities in the state.
(13) The division shall have the authority to suspend a permitholder’s permit or license, if such permitholder is operating a cardroom facility and such permitholder’s cardroom license has been suspended or revoked pursuant to s. 849.086.
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