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2011 Florida Statutes

F.S. 550.0351
550.0351 Charity racing days.
(1) The division shall, upon the request of a permitholder, authorize each horseracing permitholder, dogracing permitholder, and jai alai permitholder up to five charity or scholarship days in addition to the regular racing days authorized by law.
(2) The proceeds of charity performances shall be paid to qualified beneficiaries selected by the permitholders from an authorized list of charities on file with the division. Eligible charities include any charity that provides evidence of compliance with the provisions of chapter 496 and evidence of possession of a valid exemption from federal taxation issued by the Internal Revenue Service. In addition, the authorized list must include the Racing Scholarship Trust Fund, the Historical Resources Operating Trust Fund, major state and private institutions of higher learning, and Florida community colleges.
(3) The permitholder shall, within 120 days after the conclusion of its fiscal year, pay to the authorized charities the total of all profits derived from the operation of the charity day performances conducted. If charity days are operated on behalf of another permitholder pursuant to law, the permitholder entitled to distribute the proceeds shall distribute the proceeds to charity within 30 days after the actual receipt of the proceeds.
(4) The total of all profits derived from the conduct of a charity day performance must include all revenues derived from the conduct of that racing performance, including all state taxes that would otherwise be due to the state, except that the daily license fee as provided in s. 550.0951(1) and the breaks for the promotional trust funds as provided in s. 550.2625(3), (4), (5), (7), and (8) shall be paid to the division. All other revenues from the charity racing performance, including the commissions, breaks, and admissions and the revenues from parking, programs, and concessions, shall be included in the total of all profits.
(5) In determining profit, the permitholder may elect to distribute as proceeds only the amount equal to the state tax that would otherwise be paid to the state if the charity day were conducted as a regular or matinee performance.
(6)(a) The division shall authorize one additional scholarship day for horseracing in addition to the regular racing days authorized by law and any additional days authorized by this section, to be conducted at all horse racetracks located in Hillsborough County. The permitholder shall conduct a full schedule of racing on the scholarship day.
(b) The funds derived from the operation of the additional scholarship day shall be allocated as provided in this section and paid to Pasco-Hernando Community College.
(c) When a charity or scholarship performance is conducted as a matinee performance, the division may authorize the permitholder to conduct the evening performances of that operation day as a regular performance in addition to the regular operating days authorized by law.
(7) In addition to the charity days authorized by this section, any dogracing permitholder may allow its facility to be used for conducting “hound dog derbies” or “mutt derbies” on any day during each racing season by any charitable, civic, or nonprofit organization for the purpose of conducting “hound dog derbies” or “mutt derbies” if only dogs other than those usually used in dogracing (greyhounds) are permitted to race and if adults and minors are allowed to participate as dog owners or spectators. During these racing events, betting, gambling, and the sale or use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.
(8) In addition to the eligible charities that meet the criteria set forth in this section, a jai alai permitholder is authorized to conduct two additional charity performances each fiscal year for a fund to benefit retired jai alai players. This performance shall be known as the “Retired Jai Alai Players Charity Day.” The administration of this fund shall be determined by rule by the division.
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